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Mantra Still remains Vacant for Cancer Treatement

Cancer, Radiosensitizers, Phase trails, Chemotherpay, tumors.

Introduction :

In Today’s world Human beings are ruled by Diseases and disorders of organ systems. The Mankind has slowly started feeling the heat of various types of cancers and its evading mechanisms to wide range of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs present in the market now. The prognosis of patients suffering from cancers has remained dismal despite application of multimodal therapy and many advances in medical technology. The drugs and the antibiotics on the market are not specific, which leads to the many common side effects associated with therapy.

Ways of Cancer Treatement:

Interesting fact in the treatment of cancers is most of the drugs used for treatment, damages the normal tissues and vital organ systems like liver, kidney and reproductive system. The researchers say that the majority of the people are dying due to toxicity of these drugs rather than the cancers. The heterogeneity of most cancers also reduces the researchers to target the tumors directly leaving the concern over the therapeutic measures and local tumor control. Another difficulty in Cancer treatment is the lack of suitable screening tests for the early detection of cancers making it very difficult for effective treatment in later stages. Cancer seems to defy the laws of causality with its apparently random response to drugs that are the results of many years of scientific and clinical research. Or does it?

New Mantra for Cacncer Treatement:

Time has come for the biomedical scientists to work on cancer prognosis and effective treatment by developing efficient chemotherapeutic drugs along with less radiation exposure and target cancerous tumor selectively. The advent of Effective radio sensitizers which specifically kills the tumorous cells leaving normal cells) has been the new mantra for cancer treatment in recent times. The new way of treatment is still under investigation and some are in Phase trails for global treatment of cancers. Time alone will tell if Radio sensitizer with radiation is indeed the tool whose time has come. But can we afford not to give it a try?
Published: 2008-06-26
Author: Suriyanarayanan Subramanian

About the author or the publisher
iam a ppstgraduate in biomedical genetics, i did my undergardauation in microbilogy specialisation in immunology. iam always interested to know about the body's mechanims and its immunity power to resist various microorganisms. over the years i have developed special interest in studying the molecualar mechanisms of cancer cells and its evading mechansims in the human host. i have also did a research in Radiosensitization by 2-deoxydglucose and 6-aminonicotinamide in dalton lymphoma bearing mice

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