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Market Yourself for that Perfect Job

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Market Yourself For That Perfect Job

Being a job-seeker in today’s world is a repetitive and exhausting process that often impacts negatively on your self-esteem. The exhaustion and repetitiveness often arises as a result of not marketing yourself properly, and therefore not opening up enough opportunities for you to explore.

This article is written to hopefully assist, and remedy that particular problem.

How Can You Market Yourself for that Perfect Job
You can market yourself for that perfect job by ensuring that your application for a job is easily understood and fully covers the scope of your skills and expertise within the field of your choice. This can be done by firstly making sure that the font and spacing of your application is easy on the eye. A document with:

• clear margins,
• a simple size 12 font,
• double line spacing,
• clearly demarcated sections and
• one that follows on logically and clearly

will be rated far above a document that is run together and has no sense of direction or logic.

What Do You Need in Your Curriculum Vitae To Market Yourself for that Perfect Job?
To market yourself for that perfect job, your curriculum vitae should start with your personal information, stating:

• name,
• date of birth,
• gender,
• contact details, and
• current availability for a job.

Following on from the personal profile, you would fill in information regarding your school and tertiary careers, in both sections naming:

• the institutions you studied at,
• the periods you were there,
• what your qualification was and
• subjects passed were.

From the educational history, it would be logical to go into your working history, listing experience and skills gained. A good tip that was given to me once, is to write about your skills as though you were writing for someone who had no idea what your previous jobs entailed. For instance, as an accountant, instead of just writing that you have experience in debtors, expand on what exactly you did, from correspondence, to drawing information, to checking information, to liaising with clients, attorneys, and your supervisor.

Work history should start with your current job and finish with the first job you ever took, stating in each case:

• who the employer was,
• the period of employment,
• what salary bracket,
• the role within the company,
• the exact job description, and
• what the reason for leaving is.

What Do You Do Next To Market Yourself for that Perfect Job
To continue to market yourself for that perfect job, once the curriculum vitae has been written, it becomes time for ensuring that it is easily identifiable and that you become one of the candidates selected. The easiest way to achieve this is to include a current, neat and professional picture of yourself from the shoulders up. This allows the person reviewing the applications to have a good idea of what you look like before calling you in for an interview. Another way to ensure that your application is brought to the reviewer’s attention is to print it on colored paper. Don’t go for something gaudy, pretentious or over the top. Just by printing it on a plain pale blue, or yellow paper immediately ensures that it will be easily found, and not easily forgotten.

How Do You Market Yourself for that Perfect Job in Your Cover Letter?
To market yourself for that perfect job in the cover letter, you should take note of the following. A cover letter should not be long, nor should it be lacking in the following three things :

• why a new position,
• why the applied to that particular institution, and
• what unique skills and expertise are on offer that could make their company perform better within the scope of the position being applied for.

Make a point to avoid using clichés, and instead attempt to make your cover letter unique to both yourself and position offered.

Always remember one thing. An employer is looking for a candidate that he or she can rely on, and someone who knows what they’re doing. You need to be that candidate so you need to make sure that yours is the application they want and remember.
Published: 2006-08-10
Author: Michelle Smith

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Have pen, will write. Usually about life experiences.

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