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Marriage - An Enriching Social Institution of Human Relationships

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Indian tradition and culture dates back to being more than 5000years old.Manu who framed the laws in ancient India in a book form called 'Manusmriti' has placed marriage as one of the most beautiful and most sacred institutions of human psychological behaviour. Marriage was considered and is still considered a 'sacred institution'amongst almost all existing and popular religions of this world. The union between a man and a woman with God and society as witness is celebrated in a very ritualistic manner. Marriage gives a couple the license to enjoy physical union which was otherwise taboo in an orthodox society. However attitudes and perceptions of marriage over the years has changed. Though certain trends existed in society men and women resorted to promiscuous relationships. With modernization and influence of Western culture people have come out of their cultural and traditional closets and are more open about their affairs,live-in-relationships and open marriages.

When a woman enters matrimony she is not only married to the man but also to the entire family thus opening up many doors to enriching human relationships and human emotions as she dons many roles in her everyday life that of a wife, daughter-in-law,sister-in-law,co-sister and above all a mother.

Indians are known to carry their traditions with a sense of marked dignity and responsibility. The grace and tenderness with which we maintain the chords or threads of human bonds are indeed heartwarming. Indian women are known to be the real embodiments of love,sacrifice,duty and responsibility once they enter matrimony.

Since we are dealing with the worlds most sacred institution called marriage let's discuss the ingredients that goes to make a perfect recipe for a happy and a fulfilling married life. The couple to be must know the responsibility towards each other and also towards their family.The responsibility towards each other goes along way in determining the couples committment toward each other. The most important aspect is intimacy. There are 5 aspects of intimacy.

1.Intellectual Intimacy:- Just as a couple begin their newly married life together a whole new world of discovering one another begins. Just as they begin to discover each other physically they must also learn to discover each other intellectually. Discussions about the same hobbies such as reading, watching a movie together, visiting an art exhibition tells us how much a couple is comfortable sharing the same interest.

2. Social Intimacy:- When a couple is comfortable at home , the same is seen when they are socialising at a party or attending a function. Gender inequality for e.g husband is highly qualified and his spouse is just a homemaker. This discomfort should not be seen in social circles. This calls for a lot of understanding and acceptance of each other as two very special human beings.

3.Emotional Intimacy:- Quintessentally small things matter to people who they love the most. Helping the spouse with housework or shopping for the house or vice versa. Holding each others hand if the traffic is too heavy on the road forges lifelong emotional bonds between the couple.

4. Spiritual Intimacy:- In a marriage either one of them is a religious person. A couple may have various perceptions of 'God' and may have their own views about religion. Religious differences are different from spiritual differences. Once religious differences between the couple if any are sorted out then the relationship moves on to the next level of understanding.

5.Physiacl Intimacy:- The most important aspect of a marriage rests on the foundations of how much a couple is being physically intimate.Sex being an important ingredient in a marriage a couple should be able to enjoy physical intimacy opening up new meanings to the relationship and a whole new world of happiness as their love finds an extension of themselves ie their children.
In today's competitive world where everybody is busy with their own lives, couples dashing off to make it big in their careers. This article should come across as a friendly piece of advice to couples to make their marriages a strong foundation on which this society rests its social responsibility.
Published: 2010-04-02
Author: Sunitta Raman

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I am a teacher by education and profession. I taught for ten years but gave up my job to become a full time writer. I enjoy writing very much as it allows me to express my thoghts deepest feelings and also helps me to showcase my creativity. My every moment is spent either reading or writing.atahis has made me a more calm and composed human being.One of the reasons for becoming a writer is that I am on my own and I am not answerable to anybody. My free time is for my family.I thank God for this.

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