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Marriage at young age

Marriage, Young age, Relationship

This afternoon a lady came to my room, she was pregnant and has grown black, I know her; she is the wife of my senior. He is currently in the Middle East working for an Oil company. I know that they had married very young. Due to this, they had quite a lot of dissimilarity among their choices. The husband believes in joint family keeping in mind his parents and sending them money to spend. Wife, she wants a more nuclear family and tries to avoid the father and mother in-laws.

It was only the beginning of the long story of marriage in their life thus; these paradoxical thinking in the couple was not much affecting their relation.

I had friends who married very young. They engaged themselves even before they were legally able to do so. But as you know, at first their thoughts were uniform, and then, the line drew zigzag. Now the girl has married another boy and the boy is flirting around with other girls who are ready to sit next to him in his bike.

Many youngsters if they marry cannot coupe up with their relation. They had to time and again change their attitude and thus, lose their love. The youngsters must raise their hands high against such laws, so they don’t mess up their attraction towards the opposite sex with love or something more difficult to understand.

You meet your opposite in bar, disco or in coffee shop. You admire the looks, the way he/she smokes, the pattern beer foam makes in the face and the blink of the eyes. Due to so, you start to adore at him/her. Wisely, you think you found the perfect match! But are you sure?

Deciding on cases like marriage is hard. Before marriage you have to be sure you know your couple. You must be at least start to be immune to his desire, and not become irritant even if he likes to buy a balloon everyday, or eats food ridiculously.

There are scenarios worse after you add up some misunderstanding kids. So, youngsters it can be a pub, a disco, a night hold, not marriage that easy. Choosing depends upon you. Obviously, there are some criteria you can depend upon:-

What are things in your other sex that you can compromise..?

· Ya! Ya! You have to look for compromises first. Look for what you can settle with, without throwing spoons and utensils to each other.

Be happy with little good things that he/she has.

OK! That’s good if he does not like crowd, he will be friendlier with you then. Ah! She likes tennis; you don’t have to look for a partner in your tennis practice. The whole thing is enjoy what you have got and forget the worst.

Don’t forget the birthday!

· Here you are, in the office and suddenly you remember your spouse’s birthday. That’s what makes you more complicated. Thus, try out birthday alarms, timer or birthday mail notifications. Accordingly do the same for your anniversary day, your children’s birthday and don’t forget your own birthday. Try some unoccasional gifts to your spouse. Bring home some flowers, diamonds and perfumes when you go out for a visit. Try out! this will help.

Give some time…

· If you are always busy, always with your boss or sometime you may have to be intensely busy with your lady secretary then my dear! you might have to be somewhat skeptic. Give sometime to your wife. Debrief your day to her and make her feel that she knows everything about you. That’s important. It will also ease your mind and give you a great feel every day.

Well, there are many things that we can discuss but, the whole thing is that you must be very clear and careful in choosing someone with whom you are going to spend your life. Coz it will be you who will enjoy or suffer.
Published: 2007-09-24
Author: Tushar Neupaney

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