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Think marriage makes life easy? Think again. Either you can make your marriage worth living or a living hell! Marriage is a bond between two people. When you vow to be with each other 'till death do us part' mean it from the depth of your heart. Marriage should be promising each other a life of happiness and support. Marriage isn't a game, therefore, DO NOT take it lightly. Oh and a great tip for those who aren't married: DON'T GET MARRIED THINKING IT'LL CHANGE HIM/HER. 99% OF THE TIMES IT DOESN'T HAPPEN!

1) Respect: Without respect for each other, your marriage is more than likely to face alot of hard, fast coming, bumps. You want to be kind, and never insult each other infront of anyone! Respect will make your partner feel important to you. They'll realize how much you actually love them. When you respect your spouse, you don't want anyone (including yourself) to ever make them look down or feel inferior. Keeping each others chins up in the sky has great advantage.

2) Be true: No marriage works out with loyalty. Keeping each others secrets, making sure you can tell your spouse anything is very important. If your spouse leaks something which is extremely embarassing for you, you will feel aweful! So, keeping in mind how you would feel, becareful what you say to others. Cheating on each other is definately out of the question. If your spouse cheats on you, make a strong decision then and there, catching again in near future is a BIG maybe!

3) Sacrifice: One of you two must be more willing to sacrifice than the other. It doesnt make you inferior, it only makes you better! Playing the good cop in a marriage is very difficult. You may feel like its unfair or your spouse doesn't realize anything but trust me, once he/she feels you drifting away, they'll do anything to have you right back there where you were!

4)Apologizing and Forgiving: Things happen, mostly not on purpose, so when your tieing the knot, remember that this factor will come and go almost on daily bases no matter how much understanding there is between you two and be sure to never count the amount of times you have been the one sayin 'sorry' or 'it's ok'. If the persons really worth it, you'll let it pass.

5) Space: Don't jump on your spouse every chance you get. Some people need their own space, constant nagging and being in their face makes them feel imprisoned. You defintely don't want that! They'll eventually get bothered just by the sight of you. So, sometimes, just learn how to chill.

6) Insecurity: Insecurity kills the marriage. Insecurity leads to possessiveness. You wouldn't like your spouse constantly telling you how to dress infront of others, whom to meet and whom not to, where to go and where not to. Trusting and believing in each others motives is vital! The essence of marriage is trust!

7) 'Comfyness': You know what your spouse likes and wht he/she doesn't. You've married that person thinking you'll do anything for him/her. You'll change your lifestyle, career, way of thinking, dressing, everything! Then, after you get married, do so. Don't sit back and think he/she will grow to accept your bad habits or things that he/she doesn't like or agree to. Make sure you can talk about your likes and dislikes and stick to them before your marriage.

8) Support: Without support your married life is hopeless. Love gives support. It energizes a person. Anyone will do anything just to get a little 'honey, you're lookin hot' or 'don't be sad, I'm right here, everything will be alright'. This can cure alot of broken or ready-to-be broken marriages.

9) Get ready for each other: Dress up, act like you're going on a date. Make your marriage exciting. Give an unexpected dinner or night out or day off from work to spend with your love so you can tell them how much they mean to you from time to time. Constant reminders of how much you love being with each other gives happiness. Your spouse will always be positive about you and will hesistate to sneak up on you, or check on you from time to time.

10) Confidence: Believe in yourself and your spouse! Believe in your marriage and that even though it'll face or has been facing ups and downs, it'll be ok. If you show positivity your spouse will feel it. If your marriage is based on this, your spouse can live on it till eternity! You know you've got the best person in the whole wide world and that life can't get better, make sure your spouse knows it!

Like my mom's always told me, 'Life's like a bowl of cherries, you've got to learn how to swallow the pits!'
Published: 2007-11-16
Author: Aisha L

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