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Massage Tables

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Who doesn't want a good massage at the end of a tiring day? A massage when given in the correct manner can release the tension in muscles and allows you to relax. Massaging is one of the oldest techniques that help increase well being. In fact, there are civilizations that believed that a massage can help open up the blocked energy channels of the body through which the life force flows.

A lot of people have discovered the many benefits of regular massage. They visit massage parlors to get specialized massages from trained masseurs.

Those who get massages frequently know the importance of the equipment needed for a massage. An amateur massage can be given anywhere, in any manner but a professional massage requires the requisite equipment. Of all massage equipment, a massage table is the most important.

These massage tables and chairs are specialized furniture that are used to position the client correctly in front of the masseur in order to receive the massage. There are a variety of such furniture available some of which are:

• Reiki table
• Massage chair
• Massage couch
• lightweight massage table

Most of this furniture has a heavily padded surface. There is a head support which is a horseshoe shaped opening in the surface. This allows the client to breathe in while the massage therapists work through the tense muscles of the body of the client. There are several types of massage chairs and tables. However, they are categorized into two major categories – stationary and portable.

A portable massage table or a portable massage chair is useful for those who give massages at your doorstep. Portable equipment may consist of a really lightweight massage table that can be transported easily. Some people may buy a portable massage cough to keep at their home and use only during specific occasions. Portable chairs are easier to carry than portable couches or tables.

There are massage tables built to last. These tables can be used repeatedly over the years. However, these tables are made of durable material and therefore might be very heavy and not easy to carry around. A cheap massage couch or a student massage table, on the other hand are made of cheaper quality material which is light in weight and therefore easier to carry around. However, the cheaper material should be handled carefully as there are chances of wear and tear and the equipment may need periodical repairs too.

A massage is never complete without massage oils. These massage oils are usually essential oils derived from various parts of plants. These are aromatic oils that have certain therapeutic qualities. Massage oil may be used independently on a client or may be mixed with other massage oils and carrier oils to increase its therapeutic properties.

Aromatic oils are also important massage spa supplies since they allow for regulation of blood circulation and heat in the body. Their aromas are pleasing and relaxing, uplifting the mood of the client and relieving stress.
Published: 2009-11-07
Author: Alex Buckner

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