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Bangalore is turning out to be a big attraction for touristswho want to relax, are in search of alternative medicines and therapies and cost conscious .Some of the facilities here match the best in the world, or so the managements claim. one fact is beyond dispute. The hospitalization costs as alss the surgery cost a third or less of what it would be in developed coutries. there is just one deterrent before the patients seeking medicare here would turn into a flood.The reluctance of insurance firms to underwrite the costs.

Without this coverage, most people would avoid visiting india and Bangalore. But the recreation scene ise qually enticing. Spas, herbal massages, alternative therapies are catching up in a big way.In fact the real estate prices have jumped fourfold on the cityo utskirts because these facilities need large space and only the outlying areas will suit the need,

Compared to Kerala which is hyped as God's own country, Karnataka and Bangalore are drawing feer people. The City has the edge because there is cosmopolitan atmosphere and the people are friendly.
these major hospials claim that they are aware of their corporate responsibility .Unless this is done, the growth in this sector will be lopsided.
Published: 2007-11-19
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