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Melatonin and Aging

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Life begins at 40, so they say. And there’s truth to that. By this time, your children may have moved out of the house to lead their own lives. You could be in an early retirement, finally deciding that the workplace has just gotten complicated. Or the bank savings you have tucked safely away could have reached an amount that can give you a comfortable lifestyle until twilight age.

Don’t start grinning though because with aging comes extra caring for one’s physical well-being. Now is a good time to stick to health foods, flex muscles regularly, take much-needed vitamins and say no to alcohol and nicotine. Above all, you could start sleeping which you have been steadily losing since your eldest decided to go out at nights back in college. This is a good advice you could get in this time of your life as no one else deserves rest than you do.

The good news is, there’s a natural relax-inducing hormone that could be your ally. It’s called melatonin which according to the University of Texas Health-Science Center is secreted cyclically from the pineal gland at the center of the brain, keeping us in sync with the rhythms of the day and the season. Meaning, it helps us get a good night’s sleep.

But as people age, the brain secretion of melatonin decreases. Many adults beyond 40 have been found out to be deficient with this hormone. Age six is when the melatonin level is at its peak. The first sharp decline is after puberty when one is about 16 years old. At age 45, adults secrete only half as much as children. When you turn 80, melatonin production comes in trickles.

This is where the need to replenish the supply takes great importance as sleep is one of the most vital tools for a healthy and well-functioning life. Melatonin pills have been available commercially in the local market for seven years after gaining raves in the United States. It is an efficient nutritional supplement and non-habit forming sleep-enhancing pill. Unlike the regular sleeping pill, taking a dose of melatonin does not produce a hangover. The Bureau of Foods and Drugs had registered it as a food supplement.

In the book The Melatonin Miracle, authors Dr. Walter Pierpaoli and Dr. William Regeson said that melatonin can stop the downward spiral of health that we have come to associate with aging. In one of their experiments, rodents which were given melatonin were able to restore their youthful energy levels. They outlived their life expectancies by nearly a third.

The Philippine distributor of Melatonin-T, Trianon International, endorses it as an “aid to sleep problems, making one enjoy deep, restful sleep and waking up the next day feeling relaxed.” Trianon Melatonin-T is classified as an over-the-counter food supplement, and is available in major drug stores nationwide.

Scientists suggest that melatonin may also have anti-cancer and anti-aging components, an immune system booster, a cardiovascular function and virility enhancer. With the current popularity of food supplements and the growing trend among people turning into health buffs, melatonin is sure to become a big hit.

According to US experts, melatonin pills serve two fundamental roles in the body:

• Hormonal regulation. Melatonin influences reproduction, boosts the immune system, regulates the body clock, enhances sleep, favorably influences the cardiovascular system and may help protect against cancer.
• Antioxidant protection. It may help delay the onset of degenerative diseases such as cataracts, muscular degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and arthritis. It boosts the immune system to reduce the risk of infections, cancer and heart diseases. It may even slow the aging process itself.

Yes, to all insomniacs out there…melatonin is an effective remedy for your malady. To all globe trotters…it has been proven to combat jet lag. To shift workers…it is the best aid to induce sleep. To all stressed-out professionals…it’s a powerful antioxidant to get you in a more relaxed state.

So for the health-conscious in you, try melatonin pills and feel for yourself the miracle of miracles. And keep away from certain drugs that have been identified to be depleting the natural secretion of melatonin. These are: aspirin, betablockers, sleeping pills and tranquilizers. Substances like caffeine, tobacco and alcohol may also reduce the body’s melatonin level. People hooked on these drugs and substances may also think about taking melatonin supplement.

Melatonin-T is available in 3 mg capsules and the recommended dose is one to two capsules one hour before bedtime.
Published: 2006-04-29
Author: Royce Ambrocio

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