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Memory foam mattress - The best value for the money

memory foam mattress

My husband and I are in the market for a new mattress for our bedroom and also wanted to have a comfortable mattress for our guests to sleep on. It is amazing the selection of types of mattresses that are on the market. After extensive research we decided to purchase the memory foam mattresses. This seemed to be the best value for the money. The memory foam mattresses seemed to have the longest life span and we liked many of the features that they had to offer.

The memory foam mattresses mold to your body

The memory foam mattresses support all parts of the body. The material was first developed by NASA to relieve the pressure on the body during G force. This is high density foam that responds to heat, weight and shape. This was the feature of the memory foam mattresses that we liked the best in looking for our guest room. We have many guests that stay with us throughout the year, so it was important that we had a product that would stand up to a variety of sizes of individuals. Our guest room is small so with only a full size bed in the room it is important to us to provide as much comfort as possible in a limited space. The memory foam mattresses mold to your body, so no matter what position you sleep in, it is like being on a cloud. With this feature the tossing and turning during the night is kept to a minimum, so even our guests that are used to queen and king size beds, report that they get a good night sleep.

The memory foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic

For our bedroom the memory foam mattresses also seemed ideal because I tend to go to bed later than my husband. Due to the density of the foam there is very limited movement of the mattress when you change positions or get in or out of bed. So when I get into bed after my husband is asleep, I do not disturb him. This is also great for someone that gets up often during the night to use the restroom, because you can do so without disturbing the person next to you. We also have a cat that sleeps on the bed and I do not have to worry about her claws with the memory foam mattresses. The other selling point for me was the fact that foam is naturally resistant to dust mites. Ever since I watched a special on television about those little critters, I have been looking for a way to make sure they were not sleeping with me. The memory foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic which is another plus when you have guests over that have allergies.

Chiropractor association recommend memory foam mattresses

We are very pleased with our memory foam mattresses. We were pleasantly surprised when a friend of ours, who is a chiropractor, told us that the chiropractor association has been recommending memory foam mattresses for several years. It is great to have a product that was developed by take payers money be available to the public at a reasonable price.

Memory Foam mattresse was originally developed for use in the space program. The hope was that, because of its ability to distribute pressure across the entire surface, it could ease the pressure of extreme G-forces.

While memory foam mattresse was never used in the space program, it was subsequently used in medical applications, for example when a patient suffered from pressure sores or had to be bed-bound for a long period. It was initially too expensive for general use.

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Published: 2006-09-11
Author: Eric Raymond

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