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Messy Mind

messy, mind,light, night

So many nights so many days now gone forever.
Stolen chances, risks and opportunities blundered
when will the sun shine on the other side of night?
when will the rain pour out and outshine light?

trapped in an island with perpetual rain,
with pristine lakes and psychedelic terrains
banters with pseudo-hairless farts with retarded brains
selling out to my classical shame

silver linings.. do they exist?
adourning proverbial dark clouds
longing for eternal bliss,
on motionless islands and unholy grounds

on the devil's road i tread,
with infinite riddles and restless dread
Holy is the the devil's minion.
does he fester in his perpetual oblivion?

alas, in one's feeble mind one sees the forbidden land
one thinks that time has left one changed and marred
little do you know, little do you understand
that you have actually become more of what you really are

forward you long to go as u glance your tomorrow
thinking ur life's in reverse and filled with sorrow
everytime you go on, you try but you cant find a way
then you realize your vision is blocked by yesterday?

mistakes are yours to make not by anyone else
why were you denied this right?
your path has been written on a diamond as brittle as glass
Mother destiny has given you this plight

life was never meant to be fair,
we all get our cracked shares
is our destiny ours to behold?
or has it already been foretold

hear the cries from within
there's a circus in the brain
a never ending roller coaster ride
explosives everywhere kicking in

Non-believers they surround and taunt
spilling out words of wisdom
understanding is all that is demanded
not a barrage of everlasting banter

a slittering snake that coils around
squeezing from within, a million thoughts and ideas
a gazillion synapses and impulses firing in union
a never ending dance of the neurons, which implodes back in

when the past comes back to haunt you, it'll slowly drag you in you'll think it can still be relived, but you're definitely in denial when u think writing poems can help ease your pain maybe its time to say goodbye to your yesteryears
You drift in the night armed with no light

and you seek to see thru the fog but everything s a mess

topsy turvy and midgets are abounty you careen into the deserts of rain.

they see a straight line you see a line with curves

yet you strive to understand it all

the world is a nothing but, so they say, shades of black and white.

but for you it is not, for you see it exploding with gray.

there's two sides to every story that is what men plea.

but yet to you theres a thousand subplots and one.

to man there is truth and absolute truth
the devil lurks in all there is evil and bad they the angels thats are good. this is what they say

yet you answer no, its a blunder!. they simply just have different things to say

Sometimes your best may never be good enough. Sometimes it may jsut be what is meant to be.

maybe in this lifetime you suck so much. maybe the next time there is not more twilight.

i look on to tomorrow with a blazen heart. with fiery hunger. and fantastic fight.
Published: 2009-03-17
Author: J Tiama

About the author or the publisher
Chris Frank has been writing professionally for 5 years developing Business process documenation for the companies he has worked for.

He has written various manuals but he specializes on the development of Good Hygiene Practices Food Safety Manuals.

He is Currently documenting the business process of his current food company for ISO 9001 certification

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