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Mest and the Principle of Uncertainty

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The famous uncertainty principle formulated by Heisenberg, says that in order to know the future position and velocity of a particle one has to first know its present position and velocity accurately. It also concludes that it is impossible to know both the position and the velocity of a particle (a point of mass) accurately, at any given point of time. The explanation is simple and obvious. In order to measure the position and velocity of a particle, we need a ‘yardstick’ which is essentially smaller and lighter than the particle itself. That can be nothing but the light. When light shines on the particle, some of the light waves are scattered by the particle, indicating its position. The accuracy is however dependent on the fact as to how fine is the yardstick i.e. the wavelength of the light, the distance between two crests of the wave. Smaller the wavelength more accurate will be the position. But one can’t use smaller than or a fraction of the smallest unit i.e. one quantum of light energy. Shorter the wavelength of light higher will be the energy of a single quantum. That means that more accurately one attempts to determine the position by using smaller and smaller wavelengths of light more and more the velocity of the particle is disturbed by the increasing energy of the quantum of light thrown on the particle and vice versa.

This brought a sudden end to the dream, the classical theorists had at that time .The universe which looked to them once deterministic became all of a sudden certainly uncertain. The quantum mechanics later showed another way, notwithstanding.

Coming to the Mest theory, the principle of uncertainty stands explained with more certainty. By talking of the position of a particle we are meaning a point of mass or a wave of energy in spacetime. Our yardstick to determine that position is again a wave of light energy coming from a different region of spacetime on to the spacetime of the particle. Spacetime of any unit of mass/energy is bound to be disturbed being an integral part of it .You can’t say that the hand is moving but the man is still. Velocity that is just a movement in spacetime is again an extension of the mass/energy. You touch the one and the other is disturbed. The principle of uncertainty in a way validates the Mest theory of everything. Not the principle of uncertainty but it is the mest that is the inescapable property of the universe. I can’t say whether it again shatters the dream of quantum theorists or shows another way to keep the journey of unification on.

In quantum mechanics, there are no well defined positions and velocities of the particles.They are in fact in quantum state which is a combination of the position and the velocity. That is again the mest, the mass/energy (position) combined with the spacetime (velocity).
Quantization means combining mass/energy with spacetime, actually making the Mest

Published: 2007-06-27

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