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Michoo and Tiny

Short Story

Once there as a tiny baby whose life had just started. The baby was 6 months and spent a lot of time sleeping and waking up in the bed. His name was Tiny. His mother was a busy woman but found time to check on him from time to time away from her laptop. She would work whole day long in her study and keep a keen eye on Tiny.

Tiny used to look out of the window and see a crow waving at him all day long. It made him very happy to see this black creature. He would giggle whole day long looking out of the window. The crow also felt very close to the baby and started visiting his room when his mother was busy. They both bonded and started enjoying each others company. The crow got christened “Michoo” in Tiny’s language. Whenever the crow entered the baby’s room, the baby would gurgle “Michoo”…The crow would also crow happily at hearing these sounds.

One day Tiny’s mother walked into his room and Michoo got scared and flew away. The baby started crying and screaming. The mother was very upset that the crow had upset her baby. She shooed it away further and hushed the baby. This became a routine now. Whenever the mother walked into Tiny’s room, Michoo would fly away and Tiny would cry. The mother interpreted it as Tiny being disturbed. One day the mother heard the baby gurgling “Michoo, Michoo” and she was amused. She tiptoed into the room to see the crow next to her baby and her Tiny was so happy. She was confused now. She watched them for a while and walked in. The crow flew away as always, Tiny cried and the mother realized that Tiny was upset because his crow friend was flying away.

It was so amusing for her that she was so silly that she could not understand her baby better. Next day she kept some crow food in the baby’s room. Michoo smelt food and flew in and saw Tiny and his mother. It hesitated and picked up some food with his its beak. The mother smiled. Michoo was surprised and happy. It came again and again and saw the other happy. The baby was also smiling. Soon they became a small and happy family. Michoo, Tiny and Tiny’s mother.

Vanita Khanna
114, 1st Floor, Raheja Arcade
Published: 2008-05-31
Author: Vanita Khanna

About the author or the publisher
I am looking for a creative job and writing exites me tremendously. I am a very creative writer and have won most competetions I have entered at various levels.
My personal details
My immediate family is of 2 kids, my husband.
My career details
I am currently an IT professional, working for an MNC at a senior position
Why am i looking for alternates
I am looking for a creative outlet which will let me write endlessly

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