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Mike and Susan, whom do you like?


The boatman, Mike, loved to ferry his passengers from the Thyme creek to the opposite banks of Basil village. There was no bridge, so the ferry was the only way for people to reach their homes.

Mike’s wife, Susan, waited for him until the wee hours of the night where he would enjoy a frugal meal with her, eked out of their poor means of livelihood. His hands were worn out as the boat’s oars were made of rough bamboo. He could not afford a mechanized motor, which was a shame, because a motor on his boat would give twice the number of passengers and twice the money as well.

Tomorrow was Susan’s birthday. Mike knew he had to give her a gift. After all, Susan gave him a gift on his birthday without fail. He decided to sell his boat for a tight sum. The money would be enough for a gift ,as well enough for the next two years.

He went to the village chief’s house and offered his boat for sale.

“Two hundred rupees is what I offer,” came the chief’s reply.

“Done,” said Mike. The boat was sold. Mike then went and bought Susan an antique necklace.

As he approached the house, Susan was in the kitchen.

“Happy Birthday dear, I have a little gift for you.

“Thank you, this is a lovely surprise!” said Susan.

“ I too have a gift for you! I pawned my jewels and bought you the mechanized motor for your boat! It was something you always wanted!”

“Dear, dear, I sold off my boat!” said Mike.

Oh, what a supreme sacrifice! This just proves love has no boundaries, a little sacrifice and you get the reward manyfold.
Published: 2009-10-31
Author: Amita Shanbag

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