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Right from days immemorial people have been curious to observe themselves. The story of Narcissus shows how deep man can get lost in his own beauty. Early man must have seen his own reflection in water and then came the time he started using polished surfaces.

No man is ever content with his looks and always seeks to enhance it. Each day every one of us critically appraise ourselves and seeks measures to improve our looks and carriage. Little surprise it is then that we literally worship beautiful men and women.

The story of the vain stag shows how much of this is part and parcel of Nature’s trick to propagate the species. Thus the stress to look different or appealing or sexy has so many fans falling for it. The advertising companies manage to mint money out of this and thrive. An average person spends half of his life in beautifying his external appearance. Not that it is wrong or derogatory. It is a boost to ones morale when someone comments how good we look or how very becoming the new hairstyle is!

As long as men live, this instinct to appeal to others remains ever strong. Men may come and men may go, but this urge lives on for ever.
Published: 2008-08-13
Author: sindhu nair

About the author or the publisher
MA English graduate, presently working as a teacher. Admirer of shakespeare and Kalidasa.Romantic at heart.Loves to share emotions with oneself.Very sensitive and deeply religious.

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