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Money and Charity


Money is extremely valued by every human being. Man does every thing to accumulate money and wealth in order to buy comforts and pleasures. He derives pleasure when he succeeds in amassing money and derives pain when he looses it.

Money thus made needs to be spent in purposeful ways. There are right and wrong ways one can spend money. Saints and scriptures taught several acts of atonement to help guide man from falling prey to evil thoughts and acts that accompany accumulation of money and wealth. A few of these atonements include religious rites, worship and charity. Sages considered that acts of charity can mitigate a person’s worries from fear of dangers such as illness, quarrels, loss of money and wealth etc. Although charity is loss from the total money and wealth accumulated, it is a way of setting aside a portion of ones sins.

Charity may lead to aversion in the mind of the donor but it produces happiness in the mind of the receiver. This happiness helps create positive vibrations that help the donor’s well being indirectly. It is this favorable energy that atone the donor from the negative aspects of his past karma.

Going further deep into the acts of charity, one comes across different kinds of charity that produce different kinds of vibration in the mind of the receiver. It depends upon the degree of happiness that is generated in the mind of the receiver whether it is by way of money or in kind. Giving away a loaf of bread that costs least money may at times produce more positive vibrations than giving away a gold coin that costs more money. The difference lies in the way the charity has been done by the donor. If he has chosen to give away something that may be costly, money wise but is of no use either to him, or to the receiver, the purpose of charity is defeated and the result is going to be negative. Whereas if the donor gives away something that may be of least value, money wise but is most useful to the receiver, that generates the much desired positive energy.

At times promises of help are made, but never fulfilled by people. This practice is more harmful than making a promise at all because a promise generates a good deal of feel good factor whereas the breaking of it creates equal or more negative vibrations. The negative vibrations are more powerful than positive vibrations. Therefore, even if the donation is small, it has to be done with a good heart and it has to be useful to the receiver. The happiness thus derived in the mind of the receiver is immense and the value of the resultant positive vibrations is incalculable.
Published: 2009-06-18
Author: ceevel

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