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Mr Yar' Adua Can You Betray Obasanjo, Betray PDP Please...?

President Yar'adua Of Nigeria...And PDP

Jos, Plateau Nigeria

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too...
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,?Or
walk with Kings — nor lose the common touch,?If
neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,?If all
men count with you, but none too much;?If you can fill
the unforgiving minute?With sixty seconds' worth of
distance run,?Yours is the Earth and everything that's
in it,?And — which is more — you'll be a Man, my
son!?~ Rudyard Kipling ~

I have in the run up to the General Elections written
about all the frontrunners, I have barred my mind on
Buhari, as possibly a good President we may never have
after all, despite his human rights record, all the
Soyinka reminders, all the anti-christain sentiments,
I believe he may have been different but I doubt very
much if he could get it. In a sentence I felt his
problem was or is that of being with the masses and
not having the support of the elite, and in this
rigged environment of ours, that counts for much.
Regarding Pat Utomi, I felt he had a grasp of the
issues, a touch of solution, but sadly the system was
not ready for his likes...Uzor Kalu, Bafarawa, Okotie
and others...may have just filled the blanks and had
no realistic chance.

For Mallam Atiku, I knew his case was fiat accompli,
the moment his battle with Baba Iyabo started, to
conquer a man like Obj, one needed more than the
courts, and accusations to beat. He should have come
out clean, clean as in CLEAN and poured as much dirt
that Mr President hid under his righteous Agbada. Well
he must have learnt a lot from the battle, whichever
way it goes.

The battle for Nigeria is now clearly between Yar'adua
and Buhari, and all things being riggable, Yar'adua
may have actually won it. All things regarding this
election being a do or die affair according to Obj,
then Yar' adua may have won the do, while others die.
Infact I recall telling a group of friends after Yar'
adua emerged that when a thing is done, it's done.
Don't look back. Look forward to your next objective,
rather than do this, we spent time with Atiku in
court, we spent more time arguing if Yar 'adua was
sick or was going to die. Well the die is caste,
before I go far, I beg not to be misconstrued that
Yar'adua has won, but PDPically speaking, it would be
a miracle for him to loose, and oh yes miracles still

Yar'adua in this hatred filled campaign has proved a
gentleman, whether anyone likes this or not, we cannot
take it away from him, he has proved it beyond doubt,
while his party boss, Ali, and party lord, Obj engaged
in mouth washing, Kolanut chewing, and the opposition
kept opening can of worms, caterpillars and snakes, he
has remained calm. This man has even on occasions in
few words called his predecessor a failure by his talk
on NEPA and its epileptic power.

In this era of dirty politics, mudslinging and all
manner of revelations, he has remained himself. Most
of all the accusations and criticism against him has
been watery, for me as a person as lame as it sounds I
am indifferent to him as a person. I have asked how
come he has not stolen government money, the easiest
money to steal and get away with it. How come he has
not mismanaged resources, what makes him different?
All the crap about royal blood and what not, let us
not forget that he is not the only one with such blood
who was a Governor...But until such a time, his
records are clean,

Yar'adua has refused to abuse Atiku nor Buhari, he has
not exchanged verbal verbosity with the Pats, Okoties,
we even know now that the man was preparing to go back
to the school, pick his chalk, make some handouts
whether he sells them or not another matter. He has
not spent a fortune since the campaign, he was just on
his own while the likes of mighty IBB, money spinning
Odili, sycophant Abdullahi Adamu, AGIP Gana, Generals
Guasu, Marwa and co. thought they had gotten the

He governed over a State that EFFC either refused to
visit or there was no need to visit. Integrity,
accountability and honest wise he matched his closest
rival. Even his silence is scary, he was never part of
the kids on the bloc of Governors club, but for when
he declared his asserts, he never courted the press,
he said little...simply put, to noosing Journalist, he
remains a mystery. In Nigeria where we don't believe
anyone is honest until proven otherwise, some of us
even think that it is a matter of time before we
discover his loot box. The painful news is that we
never may find that with just days to the General

I must say that I know very little about Mr. Yar'adua,
but from few acquaintances, from what I have seen I
want to say that he is not a yes-man, a bootlicker,
brown-noser, his not toady, neither is he a
lickspittle, you cannot call him a flatterer, flunky,
I doubt if he will be a lackey to anyone, a spaniel,
PDP's doormat, some stooge for the US or UK, cringer,
this man certainly wont suck-up, even within the PDP,
people know this much and may use Obasanjo as the
reason to ditch him by not rigging him, good.

Is Yar'adua then a saint, is he infallible, is he the
answer, these are questions only the Almighty can
answer. In the next couple of lines however I will
pose questions that Yar'adua can indeed answer.

If Mr. Yar'adua becomes President can he and would he
betray the PDP, would he put both Obj and Atiku into
cell block 1 and 2 of the PTDF renovated Kirikiri
Prisons if they are found guilty of abuse of office.
What will Mr. Yar'adua do to caricatures like Ahmadu
Ali, Adedibu, clowns like the Ubas, will the Yar'adua
presidency probe the power disaster of the last eight

Except a miracle will President Yar'adua reform the
reform, is it possible that he will retrieve all those
oil blocs that Obasanjo distributed like sallah rams,
will he put all the real corrupt men of Obj to the
knife like xmas fowls. Will he clean the 'cleaners'?
Recently I was privy to two cases, one at the ICPC,
the other at the EFCC, in the first one a top
government official was invited by ICPC chaps, and
after he left, he told someone that the chaps had
asked him to 'comply' or... At the EFCC another
similar case, infact in this one the accused parted
with some hundreds in thousands and off the hook he

Will Yar'adua use the EFFC on friends and family if
need be, will he restore our lost glory, will he
facilitate the return of 'Israeli' Nigerians to the
promised land called Nigeria, will this fulani, hausa
man from Katsina be fair to all, will he fire the
crooks that wrote the history of PDP, and in doing so
rewrite the story. Will he go far away from Obasanjo,
Is it possible that he will not bring same old stories
back. We hope that we will not see the likes of Gana,
Fani Kayode that will call yellow, blue? Is it
possible that we will not fear another Andy Uba as
Chief of domestic affairs?

Will this PDP material not have the stains, spots and
traits of his party, can Yar'adua truly sanitize the
polity, govern with respect for the masses, the
opposition and still keep his head up...Can this man
walk in the shadow of the valley of the death called
PDP and Baba's men and not fear any evil? The
questions are many, answers we never may know, as time
alone, time alone will answer.

If Mr. Yar'adua answers just a fraction of this
questions with conviction, if he can look eyeball to
eyeball into the storm, Nigeria may know calm, he may
have proved skeptics wrong, he would have indeed
betrayed PDP, betrayed Obasanjo, betrayed haters of
Nigeria, betrayed the cabal that has denied this
nation of its peace. Please Yar'adua betray them,
betray them, betray the crooks, let them know that you
are from them but not with them, then and only then
would those that rigged you in truly regret, then
would those who truly voted you have made their vote
count. As the votes are cast few days from now, I wish
you Unknown Yar'adua, Stern face Buhari, Intellectual
Pat Utomi, Commonsense Bafarawa, Meverick Orji,
Pastor Okotie, Allah's grace, may the masses vote
count. And if it does, and you get it, Yar'adua please
betray them all.

For: Center For Free Speech And Expression (CFES)
Public Policy Market...Marketplace Of Ideas
Yours In The Service Of Nation...For the Good Of All
And In High Regards...I Remain

Prince Charles Dickson
234-0803 331 1301, 234-0805 715 2301
Published: 2007-04-28
Author: Prince Charles Dickson

About the author or the publisher
Prince Charles Dickson
Center For Free Expression And Speech CFES
Public Policy Market
234-08033311301, 234-08057152301

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