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Mumbai Terror Attacks

mumbai, terror, protests, common man

The Rising. Where does it lead?

Death tolls have risen. Cries are muffled now. The terror has retreated victorious. The human life is destroyed with its anguish and agony ignored by one and all. The result is out and the consequences have been suffered. Every life gone is a home shattered, a heart broken and a hope disappointed. This is not only giving vent to feelings by a common citizen like me but it is the reality which recently took place in the form of the disastrous Mumbai attacks.

To say that the approach of the human mind has come into picture with the attacks would be incorrect rather to comprehend that the attacks came into picture because of the approach is more real. The fact that the leniency, neglect and casualness of humans have culminated in such attacks is not surprising but according to me a late occurrence of an anticipated result. Though these attacks are one of the many incidents that have occurred at the international and national level, are a routine exercise as far as regional stages are concerned yet this happening has struck a cord of impending danger amongst the Indian masses only because of the close proximity of the terror to the common life which can be seen through this.

As far as I have observed this incident has culminated in only a ‘blame game’ not only amongst the intelligence agencies but also the masses. It can be seen on every possible form of media the accusations and vehement denials of the ‘men in power’ and the continuous questioning by the citizens to the so-called ‘politicians’ of the country. The media asserts in every reporting the active protests by the pubic through slogans, burning effigies signifying the rise of the masses against the terror and false representations of the government but this makes one to ponder that maybe this rising is a late reaction. It has been years since these happenings have been tormenting the existence of human life, and the reactions so appreciated in recent times should have been the means used to put forth the dissatisfaction of the ‘common man’ ages ago when the seeds of terrorism were sown. This kind of retaliation has sprung up not at a time of need but at a moment where its utility is nil, where the world requires a not a shake but a jolt to awaken the ‘men of purpose’ to be of use to the world.

Time now is to go beyond these upstarts and become the face of a full-fledged revolution. Presently as Pervez Mushraf stated in his recent interview that ''...terrorism is a tree with the branches signifying the various terrorist organizations while the leaves are synonymous of the terrorists themselves’’

It is true in the sense that the growth of terrorism has been tremendous and its tenacious branches have reached even the remotest corners of the world hence the methods to instigate the government as well as to portray the impending doom are required to be harsher and more emphatic where not only the thoughts are expressive but action be taken in a co-operative, organized and resounding manner. Mere passionate speeches, patriotic stands and idealist expectations will not assist in bringing about a metamorphosis in the government machinery nor in the approach of the human mind.

The state of affairs demands a stronger stand by the citizens because the end of terrorism is a goal achievable only by the progress made by the ‘common man’ who holds the power, intellect, will and desire to pave way for a future devoid of fear and terror.

Though such expectations from the masses is not only idealist in nature but a ‘near-to-impossible’ task as none can ignore the reality that most of these aggressive ways of the public survive only the heat of the moment, few days these methods will be extensively utilized and publicized but gradually people will return to their own world oblivious of the pursuance of this aim. Numerous instances can be cited in evidence of such fickle-minded behavior of the masses where the self-interests overshadow the fury upon the loopholes in the security measures of the nation, leaving behind only false speeches, incomplete protests, ruins of a would-be revolution and the victims reeling under the loss suffered by them with nothing but pity in their hands.

An optimistic view would be to believe that the aftermaths of the Mumbai attacks would lead to a transformation in the thinking of the people where one would be compelled to pursue the protests resulting in an affirmative action for the welfare of the society, thus I wait and watch the end of this rising or rather hope that this upstart continues...
Published: 2008-12-07
Author: akansha dubey

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