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My Friend

friend, my friend

My friend! My friend! My friend!

How wonderful it feels
To have a friend I call my own
Who I can trust at all times;
The good time, the bad time, the acting I do
He knows, but he is simply by me.

How so wonderful it feels
When everyone else get me wrong,
My friend know why I am in the mess I’m in.
Everything else went all wrong
He knew why I was that way.

How great it is
When my friend calls me his
He makes memorable moments no one else could beat
I want to be with him
He wants to be with me

How amazingly great it is
I can make something out of my life
Because there is this one friend; My friend!
Who will love and accept me
Through my flops, secret sins, failures…

How awesome it is
To have a friend I have found companionship…
His words bring me healing
Putting me in the most correct path in life
As though there were said to soothe my itching ears.

How incredible it is
To have a friend I cannot understand
No matter how far I have gone he said he will hold me
I cannot say he is human
I liken him to an Angel

My friend! My friend! My friend!
Published: 2008-06-26
Author: Ema Adama

About the author or the publisher
My name is Ema Adama. I am a young female graduate from the university of jos,Nigeria. I have a bachelor of science degree in Industrial Chemistry. Writting articles that are interesting and informative is my hobby. I have been doing this from my secondary school. I edited my secondary school magazine published in 2001. I have written other brief articles for leasure that are not published yet. And in effect, i will find it rewarding to write for magazines and other publication to earn money.

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