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My brother


My brother is precious to me
He is the gift I got from my parents and god.
Sometimes I feel I’m lucky to have him
But sometimes I will not because of his anger.

He is so caring brother I have in my life
He teaches me many unknown things
He tells me everything even secrets!
He knows many things than me
These qualities make him special in front of me

His smile makes him look innocent
But his anger makes him look a demon
He tells me that he loves me, but
He will not believe me if I tell him the same
It is often true that we fight always,
But it is also true that we love each other.

We simply believe that quarrel join us tightly.
We are ready to quarrel and to sit without talking,
But the mind in our will be burning with sadness
Then it will be a surprise to see who talks the first
After a cry we are joined again!

It is happy thing to have him with me always
But I will immerse in sadness when he leaves me
However I knew that he will come to see me
None believes me if I told them that I love him
Since it’s common to see us both fighting for something.

My brother always teases me which makes me angry,
But later I understand it was just for fun but
I keep myself serious to make my brother come near me
He will sit near me and calms me but when he leaves
It is usual that he will make some trick on me.

I’m lucky to have him alone since he is my only one brother
He is so precious to me, and
He is the gift I got from my parents and god
Published: 2008-02-05
Author: Sreelakshmy Vijayan Uma

About the author or the publisher
I really love writing and reading and so I have started an account in this site. I feel writing as a best way to express one's view, and this opinion made me interested in writing....and this interest will continue till my heart beat.

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