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My Heart Is Beating...

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Have you felt a sudden squeezing, pressure, heaviness, tightening or aching across the chest, particularly behind the breastbone? Does the pain radiate to the neck, jaw, arms, back or the teeth? Does it feel like indigestion, heartburn, weakness, sweating, nausea, cramping and shortness of breath? Does it occur while you are walking or exerting yourself and subsides when you lie down or take rest? If the answers to any of the questions is "yes" then you have reasons to worry! They could be due to angina, heart attack or tearing of the aorta.


Angina usually occurs during exertion, severe emotional stress or after a heavy meal. During these periods, the heart muscle demands more oxygen in the blood than the narrowed coronary arteries can deliver. It is sometimes caused by uncommon disorders of the heart valves or heart muscle. Men and women are equally at risk, though the female hormone estrogen, protects women, but only till menopause. Men above 40 who either smoke, have high blood pressure or diabetes or have high cholesterol levels in their blood or lead stressful lives are at high risk.


With our schedules choc-a-block and no time for anything else, job-related stress can increase the risk of heart attacks, not only through psychological means but also by effecting our body directly-heart rate and blood pressure gets affected more than your realise. If you are obese, inactive and a high-strung person, chances are that a deadly disorder is lurking behind. Inspite of the advanced technology, recognition of symptoms and regular health check-ups are vital.


There are many thing you can do to reduce your chances of getting heart disease. Besides being aware, changes in you diet and simply walking briskly for half an hour, five days a week, go a long way in protecting from heart trouble. Medical management through medication or otherwise must continue, unless the doctor so prescribes. So get off your seat right now and walk that extra mile!
Published: 2008-05-14
Author: Pinaki Goswami

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