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My Hero’s

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I was asked about three months ago if I could help with fund raising day down at our local park. There was to be donkey rides for the children and all kinds of raffles and lots of different games where you could win prises for yourself or the family. I have helped out in the past and done my bit to collect bric-a-brac and other items to sell. The first time I was asked this year, I said I would have to see. My health has not been good and with three foster children living with me, my life was busy. I really didn’t feel I could take on any more or that I should be expected to. The second time I was asked over the phone, I said I would like to but I am very busy right now, I couldn’t see how I would possibly have the time.

One weekend the children and I were about the house just after breakfast, clearing away the breakfast things. I asked them all what they wanted to do today. Young John said he would like to go swimming again as he needed to practice for his next certificate. The other two asked me if they could go to the park for a while with their pocket money. I must admit I thought it a strange request until they showed me a leaflet with an advertisement on it. It was about a charity fundraiser down the local park. Yes, you’ve guessed! There were donkey rides and all kinds of games where you could win prises. I smiled and said we would go for a while and then go swimming later. I asked the younger one (10yrs old) why he was so keen to go to a fete and the local park. I ask if he would not rather go to the shops and spend his pocket money, he said no, so we got ready and went to the park.

We spend some time down by the donkeys and the one pony they had there and then decided on hot-dogs and a walk around the stalls. A young woman ran the first stall we came to with two very boisterous children and a third in a pushchair sleeping. There were several people buying and bringing items to sell which the young woman was trying to sort out. I helped her move some items to the back of the stall. I told her I was pleased to help, as she looked so busy. She told me that when she was finished here she had a birthday party to get ready, she wanted to help them raise money as it was for such a good cause. I was amazed why she should, or how she could do so much for others when she obviously did not have the time.

We went further down to another stall which two old ladies were running. One was sitting down, she looked tired, and the other had a walking stick but was so helpful and pleased to see every one. She chatted to the kids and gave them a free lolly each. Then I saw am awning fix to a caravan with a large notice saying, ‘Information Centre’. The boys were looking about and playing with some school friends they had met, so I told them I was going to look at the leaflets in the centre. As I walked in the awning I saw a young girl about 17-18 years of age leaning over a wheel chair. It was a very large customised wheel-chair with a high back and strong wide arms around the sides. There was a woman about 40-45 years of age it the wheel chair. The young girl was leaning over her wiping her face with a soft tissue; she was smiling and talking to the woman in the chair. She look up saw me standing there watching. She smiled at me and asked if she could help. I told her I had come for information about the fund raising, as I was interested in knowing what it was for. It seems it was for people suffering with MS, and the woman in the chair was her mother. Her father died a year ago and she had been caring for her mother since with a little nursing help.

I listened to what she had to say and then left. I called the boys together and told them we were leaving. As we left I looked around at all these people, not one of them was too busy to help. I made a decision there and then, next time I was asked for help, I would not be busy, I would do all I could to help. I was reasonably healthy, could walk and earn a living. I would make sure next time I was NOT too busy!

Published: 2006-05-20
Author: Mel Moore

About the author or the publisher
I've been a Foster carer for twenty years and have worked/lived disturb teenagers, my inspiration comes from the children Ilived/worked with.I have written poetry for years and am now writing my first true-life novel and auto-biography. I have two books of poetry Which are;
Silent Witness ISBN: 0975830872
and Nature's Repose ISBN: 0975846426 Viewed or purchased at

My third book 'Psuedo Love' is released by Publish America, 7th June 2006

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