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My ideal teacher

ideal teacher-Friend, motivator, facilitator,philosopher,knowledge bank...

In the hierarchy of relationship a ‘TEACHER’ is the one who is ranked just after our dear most parents. Without any selfish motive he gives his most precious ornament i.e. ‘knowledge’ to his disciples.

My ideal teacher would be a teacher who without any thought leaves an impact in mind through out the odyssey of my life. A teacher might be great scholar but until he is unable to create an interest, curiosity to learn, zest of liveliness in learning, bond of understanding, friendliness, trust within his pupils, I would not consider him my ideal teacher.

I visualize my ideal teacher to be an incarnation of a motivator, facilitator, to facilitate me with pearls of knowledge, philosopher, whose philosophy becomes an epic book for me to be referred forever and a friend in the time of despair to encourage me.

I would love to become an ardent student of an ideal teacher who is synonyms of honesty, truthful, straight forward, humble, knowledge bank and charismatic personality. Above all he should be a good human being to present this world his carbon copy with all imbibed knowledge.

Everybody can be a teacher but an ideal teacher is ‘one in million’. A teacher teaches only in class but an ideal teacher teaches for a lifetime. My ideal teacher will leave trails of his footsteps for me to follow and create my own niche in this world.

Published: 2007-02-24
Author: meenakshi parihar

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