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My journey to Thirupathi

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On an April Saturday, we set out our journey to Thirupathi, one of the famous temples in South India. In the 4.35 pm train, we finally started the long three-four hours trip. The journey was not at all boring because of the good sights through the window; also I had a book to entertain myself.

Though our train got delayed, we reached Thirupathi by 9 pm. Since we didn’t reserve a room in hotel, we found it difficult to settle down. We took a room near the bus station, where the tickets for the “sudarshan” were available. By morning 3.30 am, we made ourselves present in the counter and to our surprise the queue were long than we anticipated. Unfortunately, we rushed to another counter as there was a system problem in the counter, so the queue was even more terrible. However, at 8 am, we got our tickets and it was at that time, we realized our mistake of not taking an earlier ticket from the city counters.

There was no time to waste, as we got the time of “sudarshan” was at 4 pm. After our breakfast, we climbed in the bus which destined to “Kaalahasthi”. The trip was of an hour journey. Because of tiredness, we relaxed our eyes on our way.

Unfortunately, there was a very long queue, than we expected. Since there was no ticket required, we waited a long time and after two hours of patience, we met the “lord Shiva”. The rush was intolerable and it took our breath away, but we were happy to have a good vision of the god.

After having some fruits as our diet, we returned to Thirupathi. On our way back, we felt very satisfied although we stood in a long queue.
As soon as we got into Thirupathi, by 1.45 pm, we got in the bus of thirumala. The trip was very exciting, as the way was up to the mountain and it was very nice to see the sight of narrow path. A careless drive can cause the entire passenger fall from the hill. Hope it never occurred during these pilgrims.

As soon as we got at Thirumala by 3.15 pm, we realized that we were starving. There was delay in the hotel too, which made us learn the importance of “patience”. Soon after our big lunch, we started to join the queue. But on the way, in checking the inspectors made us clear that not to take cell phones during the visit to the temple. After depositing our mobiles in the locker, we joined our queue. Based on the first cum first serve, we sat in a theatre like room. There were more than three rooms which were built like theatres with a television, to entertain the people, who wait for their turn.
Soon, we had our turn and all were running through the corridors to see the god. We didn’t forget to call the name of “lord Vishnu” during our walk to him. After several minutes, we had our turn. Many volunteers were pushing people to return fast after our “sudarshan”. Though it made us angry, but it cooled us off, after we saw the beautiful presence of god, there.

Soon after we came out of the temple, we got our “prasadam” and we also bought the laddoos, which were available for the one who hold tickets. The time was 6.15 pm and after a small shopping, we returned to Thirupathi. The return trip was not so good, as the dusk was dark.
We returned Thirupathi, by 8.30 pm. After having supper, we took a share auto to “Ranigunt”. We got at the station by 9 pm. There we waited for the train and at 1 am, we got into the “Mumbai-Chennai” train. Mean time, we had a little time to relax in the railway station. Our trip successfully came to an end, as we reached Chennai at 4.45 am and at 6.30 am we were at our home and inspite of my little tiredness, I started to get ready to go to the school.
Published: 2009-04-14
Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

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