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Erik Horvat-Markovic or Erik von Markovik, more popularly known as Mystery made his name in the art of seduction with his equally hip Mystery Method series. He might look like a normal, good-looking person to us but Mystery is a world-renowned pick up artist who now holds edifying lectures and seminars all over USA. He grew up and absolutely honed his suave assertiveness, self-confidence, and tête-à-tête craft in his sweet hometown Toronto, Canada. With a hip reputation that started in the 1900s, his appealing website includes a detailed account of years of seducing women, mostly models and strippers that seem to be his legacy as a popular PUA.

With his unique language and techniques in seduction, Mystery created an entirely new world that he claims uniquely his own. He is surely patronized by men who aspire attracting the women of their dreams through his eBooks, DVDs and particularly, his live lectures and coaching along with his own pool of instructors. He is indeed a well-respected PUA with his name that has been for a long time included in prestigious lifestyle magazines and lifestyle sections, such as that of the New York Times Style section’s list of top pick up artists (PUAs). He is also tagged as “the World’s Greatest Pickup Artist” by Elle Magazine and Saturday Night Magazine, The Montreal Gazette, Las Vegas Life, and Maxie Claire, to name a few.

Aside from Mystery’s obvious charisma, he carved his name as world class PUA through his now very popular Mystery Method which is centered naturally on men learning how to pick up the most beautiful and attractive women from any background and stature. It boasts of a practical and unique way of teaching men to catch the attention of their ideal women and eventually create unique relationships with them. For Mystery, nothing can be more seductive than his time-tested techniques and style. Together with his instructors, they created, explored, experimented, and compiled what really worked in one original package called the Mystery Method. Since 2004, the Mystery Method has sharpened its own line up of instructors who expanded skills and ideas from “the field” – coffee shops, bookstores, bars, street corners, clubs, and other all other possible social scenarios one can name, where eligible men and women most likely meet.

The Mystery Method is a systematic, easy-to-follow program for men who wants to be masters of seduction. It comes in an eBook that can be downloaded from the Mystery’s website giving the “student” more options to explore and learn at their own pace. It consists of distinctive styles like the "3 second rule","peacocking", "set", "indicator of interest", "last minute resistance","indicator of disinterest", "routine", "neg hits", and, "canned material", among others. It is grounded in what Mystery calls S&R value, which is basically the “Survival value” or the quality of life and “Replication value” or the reproductive chance of a person. The method implies that men are rated by women with their Survival value while men rate women through their Replication value.

Having this basic concept in mind, the method improves one’s “value” through storytelling with imbedded bragging while showing indifference to ‘targets’, among many others. One is also instructed through the ‘M3 Model’ which makes use of ideas from the field of Evolutionary Psychology, such as defining love as a powerful connection between two people built from their unconscious desire to elevate their S&R values.

There are three distinct steps on the M3 Model, namely (1) Attraction, (2) Comfort, and (3) Seduction. These were further subdivided into three phases. As expected, the target or the end goal of this method is the formation of a warm and special sexual relationship between partners.

Step 1: The Attraction Phase

The first phase of the M3 Model requires the man to strike a conversation with his ideal woman (the target) and make sure that she gets attracted by showing his high value and to show obvious attraction to her while engaging her interest in the interaction. He introduces himself in a unique way, which brings the message to the woman how special he is and how interested he is to her in a subtle way.

Step 2: The Comfort Phase

The second phase is the time for the man to build rapport and trust. In this phase, the man should be able to show that there is a clear connection with the woman and that there is true interaction between them. In short, they should both have a clear understanding of what each other wants at this stage. This is the most crucial and probably the most difficult phase, which might last for several hours up to several days to get results. It is in this phase that the possibility of a sexual relationship is introduced.

Step 3: The Seduction Phase

The third phase and last phase of the Mystery Method M3 Model is focused entirely on the end goal: the sexual relationship. In this phase, the man has to deal with the woman’s hesitation towards sex with him. He has to face head-on the resistance and possible rejection of the woman and how to turn it into a most willing approval instead. The body language of the woman should be read so that the man could know if she wants to go on or not. The Mystery Method teaches the “student” how to deal with this “last-minute” resistance from the “target”.

Here are some of the “special” techniques from the Mystery Method:

'Negs' are meant to catch the attention of the woman by actively showing disinterest to exclude the man as a suitor. Lines like “You would so be my type if I’m not gay” or false disqualifiers like “I think you and I won’t get along well because….” have to be said in a way that it should NEVER sound as an insult but as a way of mystifying the woman whether the man is interested in her or not. Since most attractive women tend to assume that men approaching them are interested in her – initially solely because of their looks, the negs should resolve this to give her the impression otherwise.

Furthermore, Mystery Method added the disqualification theory to strengthen the tactic ‘negs’ by making the woman want more what she cannot seem to have. It toys with the idea that the man is valued more (by the woman) as he is someone one cannot easily get. This is very similar with the woman’s natural interest in a man already taken as it increases his value as a partner. The disqualifiers are basically the lines one used for the disqualification theory as those above-mentioned.

Another technique is the indicator of interest, or as what Mystery calls the “IOL”. It could be in a verbal or a nonverbal form that should clearly indicate show a strong interest in sexual or physical intimacy. It is basically a form a flirting that involves touching, eye contact, and other body language cues. Verbal interest can be hinted by saying the person is amazing or interesting.

Though potentially can offend a feminist, the method is centered on the “Alpha Male” that dwells on seducing women by mystifying them. Other specific tactics are found in The site also includes tips on online dating, how to write effective dating profiles, pick up artist forums, freebies, and free sites. It also covers other relevant topics such as gay and bizarre relationships, one-night stands, affairs, music, and many more.
Published: 2007-08-17
Author: Prerna Anshul Panwar

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