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We belong to the most glorified race on the earth,homo sapiens.
We are powerful and reign over the entire earth as far as explored.

There are about 600 billion of us living on the earth possessing DIFFERENT NATURES and differnt believes,as desired.

Some are happy,some tend to be happy,some pretend to be happy,some feel happy and some like to be happy.One feeling happiness and five different phrases to describe the nature-the nature of happiness.Are not we too much complicated.

Often we say,we like simple people.But have we ever defined this world simple?What does simplicity means?If i define simple-simple is about being yourself, having no prejudiced notions,being frank, speaking your mind...This list is itself too complicated and defining simple.NO one can be simple,if you call yourself simple then just ask your friend how simple he finds it to console you when you are whining like a baby.

The philosophy of natures lie in their changing patterns according to the circumstances.Nature change and so do the natures nd if you do not change,get ready to extinct.

Natures-happy,sad,cheerful,introvert,extrovert,frank,quiet,demanding,compromising,many words meant to describe the natures or the moods in day to day activities.But can one just lock one word to describe oneself?Just give it a thought,may be you can explore youself!!
Published: 2008-02-26
Author: ishu agarwal

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