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Need for thoughtful use of resources in science laboratories

laboratory resources, thoughtful use of resources, scientists

Science is a costly affair. Scientific research requires considerable investment for building fine laboratories, purchase of sophisticated instruments, chemicals, hiring skilled persons, etc. This article discusses the need for cultivation of a habit among science people of thoughtful use of available resources.

Most countries in the world hold their scientists in high regard. Governments release considerable portion of budget for scientific research and development. Therefore it becomes duty of every person working in the field of science to make fair use of the public money. Often students in laboratories are found to make wasteful use of resources like electricity, gas, water, etc. They need to remember that once wasted –be it electricity or chemical– things can not be gained back. As it happens no person is to pay from his personal pocket for laboratory losses, so few of the laboratory people develop the sinful habit of wasteful use of chemicals. As everybody’s property is taken care by nobody, though it is used by everybody, soon the costly laboratory apparatus begin to deteriorate.

Things as trivial as- closing the bottle of a chemical after use, cleaning of lab apparatus after their use is over- are not taken care of, which creates problems for the next user, and diminishes the overall performance of the lab. Students must be trained in a way so that they consider water or gas not merely as a commodity, but as a national property. They must be made to develop a sense of belongingness to their lab or institute, then only they will make sensible use of laboratory property. It is also essential to punish them who are found to be careless in their attitude towards laboratory resources, which will set example for others. When the need for thoughtful use of resources in science laboratories will be understood well, it will certainly help in converting students into responsible citizens as well as responsible scientists of future.
Published: 2009-08-18
Author: vijay kothari

About the author or the publisher
I am a microbiologist, acting as an Assistant Professor in Science with Nirma University. My current research is focused on natural products.

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