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New car Waukegan: My experience with my new Yaris

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I’m not going to lie and say that it was an easy decision, because it was not. With so many small cars out on the road, finding the one right for me was a difficult choice. However, it was about a year ago now that my friend told me to go test drive the Toyota Yaris at a nearby Waukegan dealership, and it was that very same day that I walked off the lot with my very own.

I had contemplated for a while what qualities in a new car were important to me. I figured good gas mileage, spacious interior, nice handling, reasonably priced, and of course, good looking. So when the Yaris was recommended I was a bit apprehensive due how small it appears from the outside. But boy was I proven wrong when I finally went to a local Waukegan dealer to see it for myself. The interior is shockingly large, a quality that I would have never guessed the Yaris possessed. It has plenty of storage room and everything is conveniently set up and very user-friendly.

It is also plenty fuel-efficient. I have never been crazy into the “green” scene, but I do believe in saving money on gas, so gas mileage numbers are very important to me. The fact that my Yaris gets 29 mpg in the city and 36 mpg on the highway is really convenient. It saves money on gas, keeps me away from gas stations, and keeps my tank full through a week’s worth of traffic jams.

The new Yaris is extremely fun to drive. It has a smooth, sleek ride that would impress any small car owner. It is also very quiet, which is shocking because it has such powerful acceleration. It is easy to handle and very fun to bounce around the city in, as well as take cruising on the highway.

However, probably one of the most exciting things about my new Yaris, is how much it cost. Or, I should say, how little it cost. I got a great deal at my Waukegan dealership, with a starting price of $12,205. Even though it comes equipped with such great features and some awesome options, it is still one of the most reasonably priced small cars on the market today. So between saving money on the car and on gas, it really is a great deal!

Most intriguing to me was the style this small, inexpensive car possesses. Unlike a lot of budget cars out there, the Yaris makes saving money practical and stylish.

Speaking from experience, the Toyota Yaris is convenient and suitable for most lifestyles. It is also fresh looking, with a style of its own, which is great for anyone looking to spice up their driving-approach. So if you are looking for a new small car, take a look at the Yaris. And if you are looking for any new car, Waukegan dealers can help you find the right one to fit any lifestyle. Also, for new car prices, Waukegan is the right place to find great deals and help for any car questions you may have.
Published: 2009-07-27
Author: David Stanton

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