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New Concept of Creativity


New Concept of Creativity

Man sees reality by conceptual systems of category. This systems enable man to see life and experience. But, in life’s ongoing, the dynamic of life needs new understanding, new conceptual systems. So, the presence of a new conceptual systems to see the life is temporal and ready to change by a newer conceptual systems. In other words, all conceptual systems and believing became boundaries that will be broken by a newer conceptual systems (a newer discoveries)

Creativity and the breaking through of boundaries

Creativity, typically in art, is connected to the problem of “originality” and “new-ness”. This two of terms, all at once, hint the breakthrough of boundaries. Nowadays, the cultural situation indeed was marked by new discoveries or the breaking through of boundaries. In other words, our life was fulfilled by redefinition of boundaries (concepts).

The boundaries that I meant weren’t determinated on style, "-ism", category. Creativity, also, breaks the boundaries of tradition, clan, religy, worldview. This is the reason why the term of de-construction was fastly well known and became a keyword.

But, the really creativity doesn’t merely stop on the de-construction. The only creativity is always, as one, the process of transformation and intensification: the never ending process of excavation on reality. This is done by breaking through the system of believing and the rigid agglomeration on everything. The really creativity is all but the genealogic process.

The principle of Creativity

It’s clear that the really creativity is the manifestation of intensity to live the life. So, in the really creativity, subjectivity of artist isn’t significant. The truth of reality is the point of the really creativity. Indeed, the artist imagines, but his/her imaginations just like making pipeline for the truth itself. Heidegger says that the art is “the happening of Truth itself”.

The quality of creativity above just emerges if relation between man and reality is the “playful” pattern. The playfull pattern of creativity always consists of dialectic between: dominates reality and was dominated by it, pervailing the opaque systems and understanding the real facts.
Published: 2007-02-15
Author: agustinus hartono

About the author or the publisher
Male, not married, fresh graduated in philosophy.I'm very interested in writing articles or books about philosophy or politic. On march of 2007, I publish my first book tittled "Skizoanalisis:Sebuah Genealogi Hasrat".In this book,i claim that the history based on ratio had produced an unconsciousness abnormality.Therefore,I invite you to live your life based on your desire to live the real life.nowadays,all of us can say that it's a new era of


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