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New Generation Technology

Sunrise Technologies, Composite materials, Alien planets, Metal surgeons,Open-ended Computers.

Strewn along the Information Highway are the graveyards of obsolete technology. Ironically the development of future technology will prove Mr. Gandhi right: what we destroyed in greed will be re-created by engineers more efficiently because of need.

Research and Development in Sunrise Technologies like Aerospace Engineering, Genetic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, Automotive Engineering, Computer Science, Power Generation, Environmental Engineering and Nano technology will provide the Engineer the blue print for all future Design and Development.

Composite material used in spacecrafts will be transferred to the newer generation cars that will be powered by sustainable fuels. The flying personal transport cars will be a reality. Cars powered by fossil fuels will be relegated to museums. Pollution free fast cars on synthetic roads will be the cars of the next decade.

Inhabiting alien planets may not be the prime aim of Space travel, however, the transporting of valuable minerals from these planets to minimize degradation and depletion of natural resources of our planet may provide the incentive for engineers to develop heavy moving equipment to work in anti gravitational fields of these planets.

The greatest boon to future generations will probably in the field of Biomedical engineering, near non invasive surgeries done by programmed computerized robots will reduce recuperating period to an absolute minimum. Engineers will ensure that these ‘metal surgeons’ have all the data stored in their ‘memory’ to perform complex operations and will provide instant information to their ‘master’ doctors to take decisions. Engineers will design Heart valves, Prosthetics, Dentures etc. from materials that have gone into manufacture of spacecraft-lightweight and strong.

Networked hospitals will provide physicians and surgeons instant opinions and mid course corrections during treatment and surgeries from specialists located round the globe. Genetic Engineers will ensure that prudent cloning and use of stem cells will effectively stem all heredity diseases. Synthesis of newer drugs with advent of the cutting edge in biotechnology will allow development of cheaper drugs to fight AIDS, Cancer, Parkinson’s and other debilitating diseases. Nano technology will provide the entire hardware required for Genetic Engineering and biotechnology.

The computer will become the fulcrum of all Governance. Engineers will provide Networked Computer Systems that will enable every individual access to information. Open-ended computer platforms will provide an endless band of computing ability that will make the Net truly universal.

In conclusion, new development in Engineering will be a boon to the citizens of the world. However, as the world will yet have its share of mavericks, crooks, charlatans and despots, it should be the responsibility of every right-minded citizen of the world to see that technology is not used irresponsibly- to enhance the arms race, to clone human beings, to carry out ‘information terrorism’ on the net etc. It is only through the prudent and responsible use of technology that we can ensure that the world does not reach the “tipping point” of self-destruction.

Published: 2006-04-25
Author: Balu

About the author or the publisher
I am a qualified Electronics Engineer and a freelance writer.I write articles and books spanning Technology, Management and Sociology.

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