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New Year.... whtat's really new?

Year, new year

So, amidst all the world wide tensions and ever erupting problems, we've greeted yet another year with pomp and splendour. Seems like everything's fine and we've just begun a whole new life. Some could say that it makes one happy and yes it does in many ways..

People live in their own utopian world and neglect viewing the negative sides of what they have led the world to. They might've lost a lot in detail but would never really think of it at all times (That's perhabs the only thing i like about the 'vulgar man'). 2007 paving way to 2008 in a most dramatic way makes one wonder wheter 2008 will have to face, perhabs, the most number of problems that the planet earth might've not faced yet.

Leaping into all the happenings of year 2007, one could go after all the things that's gone wrong and one could also go after all the things that went absolutely right. But, the point that i would like to clear is that it doesnt really matter what you view: Wheter it's something that's served well or something that's led to destruction. The real thing that counts is how you valuate it and how well you see into the depth of human power.

2008 may face a lot due to the outcomes of its previous years, but that doesnt halt us in celebrating it. Celebration's not for the new year but for the real outcome or the happiness that we all would like to see happening on earth in this year. Celebration means we would like to setup something into the minds of all the people that we really want this place to turn up into a great place..'n' that is where everything is new..

Set your minds right, folks!!!'n'say it with pride..

Published: 2008-05-01
Author: Safwan Amir

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