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No solid or separate objects or events in space or time

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Not Separate

Quantum mechanics, Einstein´s Relativity, theories of universal holograms and cosmic computers, plus the idea in eastern religions that reality is illusion together convince me there are actually no solid or separate objects or events in space or time. In particular, I´m convinced by Relativity´s E=mc2 (E=mc squared) and quantum theory´s Wave-Particle Duality, as well as what quantum mechanics says about subatomic particles communicating instantaneously across the universe or experiencing the whole universe in their existence.

Universe = Particle

The last two phenomena could be understood by stating that any particle has the same properties as the universe as a whole (if this seems to contradict established knowledge, it´s explained in more detail by the next paragraph). It´s easy to imagine all parts of the universe being in contact (and thus forming a unification) when that universe was the size of a subatomic particle, nearly 14 billion years ago. Since the universe still has the same properties as a particle, it is still a unification.

String Theory

Another way of viewing this fact is to think of particles (and the universe, or the megauniverse of universes within universes) as closed loops of electromagnetic energy. These could be called strings or superstrings - I prefer to call them Mobius loops, however (a Mobius loop can be vizualised as a strip of paper which is a given a half-twist of 180 degrees before its ends are joined). The 3 familiar dimensions of length, width and height would have a 4th dimension (time) perpendicular to them (on the side of the twisted paper ... or electromagnetic loop). And there would also exist a 5th dimension, at right angles to the 4th and 180 degrees from the length or width or height, on the bottom (not the top or side) of the paper strip ... or EM loop. The previous parts of this paragraph can be likened to astronomy´s picture of the 3+1 dimensions of space-time existing on the surface of a balloon which is expanding from an inner hyperspatial point (not in space-time) where the Big Bang occurred. Electromagnetic pulses would continuously circulate from each of the 3 familiar dimensions through the 4th and 5th, and back to the 3; producing a unification. This circulation means any particle interferes with itself. The circulating pulses unite the 3 dimensions of space with the 4th dimension of time ie today´s vastly expanded universe is united with the highly compressed, subatomic-sized universe of the past; as well as with the 5th dimension of our universe´s space-time generating Big Bang.


A 3rd way to understand the unity of the universe (How do I unite thee? Let me count the ways...) is by reading Bob Berman´s "Sky Lights" in the July 2006 edition of "Discover" science magazine -

Black Hole

"... physicists predict that the singularity at the heart of a black hole has (zero volume)." "... since locations in (space) are relative", the position of the singularity is not absolute in reality. This contradicts experiment and observation, which maintain that position of objects is certain. Therefore, observation and experiment would be less dependable guides to how the universe works than the power of the mind using those methods (by building on the discoveries of observations and experiments, the mind´s power reveals the long-sought unified universe). Relative location in space also means the atoms making up the heart of a person do not occupy definite positions but can coexist with the singularity and have zero volume.

Zero Volume

"... since locations in (time) are relative", a person´s heart does not possess zero volume at just time A or time B, but always. We can adapt the quantum mechanical thought experiment known as Schrodinger´s Cat in which the cat exists and does not exist at the same time. In general, quantum mechanics does not predict a single, definite result for an observation. Instead, it assigns a probability to each outcome as in, for example, the quantum mechanical thought experiment known as Schrodinger´s Cat in which the cat exists and does not exist at the same time (a hammer which might or might not be triggered by a source of radioactivity to break a bottle of poisonous gas both kills and doesn´t kill the cat - and all these things are placed in an airtight box). This adaptation says Schrodinger´s Heart beats and does not beat at the same time. Since black holes and people share this zero-volume property (as would everything in space-time), we can think of the universe as a unification, or as an integration of relativistic space-time and quantum physics.

Published: 2006-09-29
Author: Rodney Bartlett

About the author or the publisher
My articles are inspired by my book "Rod's Room - A New Earth And A New Universe". Buy it at and other online bookstores. sells merchandise with a photo of the book on it. I´ve tried to use the unification of all space-time to think about science in the extremely distant future (in a unified universe, this must be possible). Necessarily, this disregards the present to some extent, but I´ve based my thoughts on what science tells us today.

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