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No To Homework

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“No To Homework”

David Davenport is a father of three children who are still in school. He feels that, as the years pass, he’s becoming more of a “homework monitor” than a fun and outgoing father. It is not about him not being this way or that way really, but Mr. Davenport finds that children today come home with too much homework. This is pretty much all that he states in his article. At some point he says: “I believe we have confused acceleration of learning for enrichment.” What he probably means to say over here is that teachers today give students the feeling that they must work not only harder, but as well a whole lot faster! Well, teachers, parents, friends, anybody really. Davenport’s view of the people of the world today is that they all are being fooled in thinking that “if you do this certain project quicker, you’ll be smarter than others”. Yet he mentions, in the end, that working in an ice-cream shop or doing some volunteer work at a clinic might just as well be of a great learning experience. Finally, Davenport points out how “people aiming for nothing else but a great education” will have just that. They will have no time to do anything else on the side, “but who says that these folks are the smarter ones?”, wonders Davenport. It’s not just about doing your daily homework. There should be more to it, like developing other skills.

“No To Homework”

I feel that the article Mr. David Davenport has written has great points. People don’t seem to realize that most students have so much trouble doing their homework at times, that that may be a reason why parents think that their children have too much to do. The real reasons why they don’t always do their work on time, is mainly from a lack of motivation, or of course the stress of not doing it right. Everything today needs to be “perfect”! However, I find there is no such thing as perfect. Unless, who knows… we might already be living in the perfect world. Teachers still seem to push their students a degree or two too high. Parents do so as well at times. By telling the students and children that they must hurry up to finish their studies, all these adults will be doing is put a lot of pressure on the youngster. The students will later not find enough time to do anything anymore. He/she will not have the time to go on a trip to see his/her grandparents, nor would he/she be able to start a small job at an ice cream shop. Yet, we all need this experience in our lives. We must find the time for our homework, obviously but we must as well find the time for different activities. Therefore, the need to finish your college education as soon as possible might be a good idea, although personally, I find it is best to take things slowly. This way you get to enjoy life as you go and you learn more the reasons behind the “facts”!
Published: 2006-05-14
Author: Lucille Dana

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Born in the city of Montreal, in the year 1987, in a loving home and surrounded by the most wonderful family, I was their little Lulu. Always the shy one in class, would always listen to teachers and do well on class assignments. I would almost never make any spelling or grammar mistakes which was why I decided to do something with this talent of mine. That was when I began writing my own poems, short stories, essays, articles, and many more.

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