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Norfolk County UK


Norfolk County, UK

Part of a poem by Mel Moore;

Of all the dreams, I dream day or night.
The one that puts my fancy to flight.
Is the heady mauve blue, vast in size.
Ocean of colour, absorbed by the eyes.
Norfolk Lavender Fields, place of beauty.
Home-sickness then, becomes my reality.

How I remember playing, living and working around the lavender fields in the Norfolk Fenlands. They were certainly a sight to behold.
The scent, a heady perfume drifts for miles if the winds were in the right direction. In the summer months when the lavender was ready for picking, dozens of all sized and coloured vans would be seen. The vans were bringing in the pickers by their droves. Good money was to be had for those that were prepared to work from dawn till dusk. The lavender is sent and use around the world for numerous products from floor polish to soap, scented candles to perfumed toilet waters and scented writing paper to massage creams. You can buy tablemats and post cards that feature the lavender fields in Norfolk and amongst many other items, tablecloths and tea-shirts.

Scattered through-out the lavender fields are small quaint villages in with houses, schools and churches all made of the same pebbles and carrstone, the pebbles were harvested from the Norfolk coast many, many years ago, topped with thatched roofs. As the buildings become derelict brick buildings, not nearly as attractive as their colourful predecessors, replace them. One such building that has long since lost the battle against the modern brick buildings is Woolverton Station. All of the villages and the station is on royal land and is the property of the royal family, including all the buildings. The Station was use up until the late sixties solely by the royal family when going to Sandringham house for their holiday. Apart from Windsor Castle this was one of the late Queen Mother’s Favourite holiday locations. It was however George V favourite of all places and his love for Sandringham has been pass on to our present Queen, Queen Elizabeth 11.

Sandringham is the much-loved country retreat of Her Majesty the Queen, and has been the private home of four generations of British monarchs. Sandringham is a friendly and informal place to visit; house and acres of beautiful gardens to explore while the Museum houses extraordinary collections of Royal vehicles, rare ceramics, photographs and memorabilia. As early as 1928 King George V created his own collection in a museum at Sandringham. It must be said however, that pride of place goes to the vintage Royal motor vehicles ranging from the first motor car owned by a member of the British monarchy, a 1900 Daimler phaeton, to the splendid 1939 Merryweather Fire Engine, which was used by the Estate's own Fire brigade. Sandringham House is set in sixty acres of glorious gardens, perhaps the finest of all the Royal gardens. Every generation of the Royal Family that has lived there has added something of their own time. The church of St Mary Magdalene, Sandringham, is considered to be one of the finest carrstone buildings in existence and dates back in its present form to the sixteenth century. St Mary's, a country church of exceptional historic interest, is regularly used as a place of worship by the Royal Family and Estate staff.

The royal grounds and house is only a stone throw from the bleak but fascinating Norfolk coast that boasts of some of the most popular breeding sites for water birds. Many bird watchers and nature lovers eventually find themselves down by the Norfolk coast. Of course, to conclude, we must not forget the tourist and holidaymakers that visit the great sand dunes and beaches of the very historical coast and wash.

Published: 2006-05-17
Author: Mel Moore

About the author or the publisher
I've been a Foster carer for twenty years and have worked/lived disturb teenagers, my inspiration comes from the children Ilived/worked with.I have written poetry for years and am now writing my first true-life novel and auto-biography. I have two books of poetry Which are;
Silent Witness ISBN: 0975830872
and Nature's Repose ISBN: 0975846426 Viewed or purchased at

My third book 'Psuedo Love' is released by Publish America, 7th June 2006

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