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Nostalgia, childhood, grandma, streams, paddy, rivers and trees, love & compassion.

My childhood days

We were walking through the green paddy fields, my grandma and me only. The sun was just rising behind the eastern hills. A dim morning pleasant light were spreading all over the place. Very cool morning dews were shining on the green grass. I enjoyed touching the dew drops with my finger tips and then to my eyes. It was a cooling, tickling sensation to my eyes. I liked to walk through over the cool grass without sandals. Wow! What a cooling touch to my foot!

My grandma was always in a hurry, so she walked fast. I didn’t like walking fast. I wanted to feel the surroundings, touch the grass, and smell the flowers …. Oh….She called me often to walk with her pace. Then I also tried to walk fast.

My family was a big family. The eldest member was my great grandma. At that time she was around eighty years old, but she could manage everything herself. My grand father was not well. He was in bed for two years. So my grandma had to do so many works. Every morning grandma had a pile of clothes to wash. That is why we were going to the river. Always I accompanied her in this morning routine. I enjoyed taking bathe in the river water.

After crossing the paddy fields there flows a rivulet. The small stream was flowing from the far away hill to the river. We walked through the stream side. On the opposite side of the stream there were many big ‘pezh’ trees. Those trees were full of beautiful red flowers with thick soft petals and a white lining. In the breeze these flowers often fell to the stream and flew through it. I used to count the flowers flowing through the stream one by one by following it. But the stream was fast, so the flowers always vanished from my sight. Then another one would come to my view. Like wise I followed them to the river.

On one side of the stream were full of green paddy fields. Cool breeze often made waves on the fields. So many dragon flies and blue flies were seen on the field. I had a temptation to catch the flies, but my grandma didn’t allow me at all. Because there were crabs in the field those might bite me. Then reluctantly made withdrawal from that attempt.

Grandma was far ahead of me. So I started to walk fast. Some times she would tell me stories to make me walk with her. I liked her stories very much. She was such an amazing story teller. She knew stories like local folk tales, animal stories, fairy tales, black magic tales, humor stories, histories and her own experiences. She enjoyed narrating the stories with sounds and expressions that really impressed me and other children.

Still I remember those daily morning walk to the old river and the stories she used to tell me alive in my mind.

My grandma filled my heart not only with stories but also with love and compassion.
I wish all the children should have a grandma like this to tell them stories to fill their heart with love and kindness.

Thank you.
Published: 2009-02-12
Author: Ambili C S

About the author or the publisher
I am a homemaker. I like to write stories, dramas and poems.

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