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Note On Historical and Prophetic Erros

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Any message that passes through the prophets is subject to erros as there is no man on earth without erros. Therefore the book of Prophet Job indicated that even in his servants he put no trust and his angels(be it angel Michael or Gabriel)he charge with erros how much more we that dwell in the house of clay...(Job 4:18-19).

Therefore both the Holy Bible and the Holy Koran written by man which contains historical and prophectic messages are subject to erros or mistakes. The erros or mistakes are those portions in both the Holy Koran and the Holy bible which contradicts and could even lead to violence within individual group. Should costly erros when detected should be put aside and should only adopt to those ones that encourages peace and understanding among belivers.Now there are two types of erros: one is the "HISTORICAL ERROS" and the other is the "PROPHETIC ERROS".Some historical errors are detected in the bible. This include the actual generology right from the time of Adam to the birth of Christ in the New Testatment.

Some historical records contradicts each other as regards the exact generology according to bible scholars. We have the issue of Elisha mistakely written as Elijah who sent a letter to King Jehoram after Elijah ascended into heaven several years ago when Elisha was ministering to the King of Isreal in the Northern Kingdom and the King of Judah of the Southern Kingdom; even both kings met Elisha for consultation on how to go about fighting the Moabites where the water coming from the direction of Edom turned to blood as the sun shone on it.

It was indeed an historical error to right Elijah instead of Elisha as such mistake or error is very common among preachers as both names seems very identical both in pronounciati0n and spelling. (2 Kings chapter 3 & Chronicles chapter 21)In Mark's Gospel, we also have the issue of writing Priest Arbitha instead of Abimelech who gave the bread to David when he was wandering in the wilderness. The author of Mark Gospel was referring to the Old Testament but made that error.( 1Samuel chapter 21 & Mark 2:23-28).We also have the issue of the numbers of the Assyrian soldiers that came up and surrended Jerusalem. In the New Testament when referring to this incidence in the book of Prophet Isaiah, the Author did not quote the exact number of the Assyrain soldiers as those he mentioned was less than the ones mentioned in the book of Prophet Isaiah and other erros like that including the translator of the various versions of the bible in order to suit their own or dogma even deliberately add or subtract but such addition or subtraction could easily be detected out when compire to the original Greek text from which the bible was originally translated into English and more impotently when compare from the original Hebrew or Aramaic text of the scriptures.


Readers should note that all accient books were writtten in a scroll and too many that one cannot carry them about. Today we can carry all the books of the bible containg chapters and verse even too small a thing to pocket it and move about with it becase of the modern tecnology acquired in book printing. It was not so to those people of old. The scrolls were stock up in the house of worship and kept in charge of the priest in charge or 'Keeper of the wardrope' as they called them.

You only listen to them whenever you attend their synagoue or place of worship. It makes it very difficult for refereces purposes in case of writting or sermoning ealsewhere as you may be quoting off head without access to actaul scroll stocked up in the synagoues. So there are some mistakes in their referene to the old testament scriptures. Rember, there are human like you having flesh and blood; there are not angels; even angels he charge with errors so says the book of Job.


Any vision, dream or direct prophecy like the kind of prophecy of Priest Zacharah the father of John the Baptist are shadows of the past, present and future events; as a result, visions, dreams and prophecy cannot fulfill exactly word for word, paragraph by paragraph or sentence by sentence since they are all shadows and are not real until they manifest. Even if they manifest, only very few could be seen exactly, others could be very similar or close to the meaning of the vision, dream or the prophecy.

So if there are hundered words that made up the prophetic message only five of them could be real or similar to its meaning while the rest remain in shadow as though not being fulfilled and therefore seen as an error on the side of the prophet thefore becomes a prophetic error. In the multitude of visions, they came vain words says the bible. For example, Prophet Jeremaiah predicted of the killing of the new born baby in Ramah the home town of prophet Samuel but the incidence took place in Bethelem of Judah instead. Therefore, Ramah became a shadow of Bethelem in the prophecy so it become a prophetic error. Is like mentioning Elijah in instead of Elisha which seems to be an error and then you can now correct it and say, "I am sorry I mean 'Elijah not Elisha' or I mean "John not Peter'. Now Jesus corrected lot of prophetic errors in the New Testament. Therefore he said, "I came not to conderm the law but to fulfill them"; in the actual sence he came to correct them. When it was said of old, "an eye for and eye' but now forgive. Of old it was said, "Swear but I say do not swear at all" .....ect.

Becase all the prohecies of old are all coded or in shadow and it has to be decoded as they are applicable from one generation to another. Therefore in the book of Revelation, John was told as implied "you must again prophecy about many peoples, nations, tonges and kings' when he got the scroll containing all the prophecies of the old prophet written in a shadow or coded form; becase the names of persons, nations and kings mentioned in the bible will not be the same in the end-times because there were written in shadows or coded form and therefore he has to correct them again as to suit the current day development. T

hose corrections are known as "Prophetic Errors"(Revelation chapter 10)Therefore for every given prophetic message, what is important to note down is the meaning and not how the prophet described it; he could use anything to describe the message as a symbol and when the event occurs it may not fall in line with his description but will be very close to it. Except where the prophet is given a descriptive revelation or prophecy about the location or places and such description will be exactly at that particular time and the person involve move to the direction immediately. But when it become a pass or future events it no longer work out exactly because it become a long range prophecy and the prophecy become a shadow which could fulfill with similarities from one generation to another generation.

Prophecy is like the negative of a photograph; you cannot determine the exact image from the negative until it is produced. Being negative, it could be likened to be anything; therefore can take any description and interpretations. Some may get it correctly, other may get it very close and other will be completely wrong.I using the above information to inform you on how prophetic and historical errors is all about as applicable in the Holy Bible and in the Holy Koran. Readers of prophetic messages both from the Bible and the Koran should note this first as a guide.

Published: 2007-02-11
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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