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knock, keeping in mind, doors, opportunities

I am sitting on a heap of unfound opportunities
Getting myself ready to knock doors
Though keeping in mind…
That more doors would be shut on my face
And more bolts will be tightened after I knock them
And I will return to this heap
Take a breath and get ready to explore more opportunities and unbolted doors

I am swimming in the reservoir of human relations
Trying to figure out the streams of my liking
Though keeping in mind…
The apparent friendly streams may lead to waterfall
And many a relation will hit the rock-bottom of mutual mistrust
And still I will keep floating today
With a dream to form fountains of mutual content n happiness of tomorrow

I am listening to unheard melodies that match my inner harmony
Training my ears to figure-out friendly vibrations
Though keeping in mind…
That the chords would be plucked that disturb the unison
And strings would be pulled by indifferent fingers creating a chaos
And I will keep on training my ears
To find that echo where the inner music would combine into a soulful sonata

Let nothingness prevail for now
As this is the only moment
When I can train my mind
To achieve everything!!!
Published: 2006-08-28
Author: Aniket Kavathekar

About the author or the publisher
I am an engineer with passion for writing. That led me to a PG in Mass Communications from Sysmbiosis,Pune. I work as Marketing Communications executive, where again my core job is writing and creative conceptualizing. Business apart, I have been writing in Marathi as well. The writings are generally experimental and are from seemingly mundane incidences. Simplicity is the most complicated and tough thing to life as much in writing. I keep my writing simple and straight.

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