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OBAMAMANIA - Unity for Kenyans

Re-installed unity

It was Illinois senator, democratic presidential hopeful, US presidential hopeful and now US presidential-elect and sooner than you can commemorate, His Excellency US president, commander in chief of the armed forces!

For a country that had made headlines globally for all the bad reasons, this is arguably the best of news that the first African-American president has his roots here. This has utterly diluted the travesty of peace this country had portrayed to the international community like going for their neighbors necks in the name of flawed elections. His sweet historic victory has refurbished Kenyans once tattered image and everybody wants to associate with her. Storm is over and sunshine can be seen.

Their ethnic differences sunk and unity floated as they gleefully watched the record breaking victory of their son, Barrack. Though some individuals perceive that his victory may not guarantee colossal impact to Kenyans, the basic impact needed was the reclamation of pride and unity. Eventually Kenyans can now heed to their national philosophy of peace love and unity. They can now embrace each other after months of tensions and destruction. It was pomp and colour as the presidential-elect read his acceptance speech in front of a mammoth crowd. Kenyans wafted into a frenzy notably the Nyanza region where Barrack Obama Snr. hailed from, not forgetting that this region was worst hit by the crisis. Songs of praise for Obama were composed, instantly becoming club-bangers, as the united Kenyans danced to one tune .A public holiday was announced and a vivid sign of unity was illustrated when all tribes of Kenyans assembled in bars, club and homes to celebrate their prodigious achievement. Precisely Mr. Obama merits an award for reinstalling peace, love and unity to a country that was almost jeopardized by chaos.

As an effect experts say that Kenya now stands a strategic position to recoup their once prosperous tourism sector. It is also a high time to double their international relationship with America to terminate obstacles like HIV/AIDS and epidemics. ‘Loss is the immediate effect of anger’, is what I can tell our Kenyan brethren and wishing them a united peaceful holiday, I conclude.
Published: 2008-11-28

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