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observations on the actions and reactions toward disabilty

disability actions reactions

This is written from my observations.
It's my opinions, and interpretations on how I see people reacting, and acting toward those who they view as 'different'.
By 'people' I mean; Individuals from all walks of life, employed in all types of work, blue collar, white collar etc. I also mean official blocks, governmental offices.
By 'different' I mean; Individuals who have, by Society in general, been type cast as, 'not the norm'.

Who ever you are, and where ever you live, it is impossible not to form opinions through experience. Indeed, we all learn and grow into who we are by living what we learn, or watching others live it! I, at least at this point fit into Societys' catagory of 'the norm', but that's where it halts!

I am in the 'pool of the different' and I feel I should somehow be ashamed, but I am not!
I wonder sometimes who should be more ashamed; Those who label, or those who have been labelled!
I have a disability, Label 1!
I am in a wheelchair, Label 2!
Such known and automatic labelling, by Society, places me in 'the different' sector!
But I do not remember feeling negative toward either, yet Society, in my opinion, encourages negativity about both! This is done by their actions and reactions, on all sorts of differing levels.

1. The Officials run around creating organisations with the purpose of funding the disabled to be more, or continue to be, independant. They establish governing bodies, and give them the right to judge which are the most 'worthy' of the 'different' to be awarded monies.
What are the monies for?
They are to go toward buying in assistants.
To pay for Care in the home.
They are to allow those with a disability to manage their own care needs.

What seems to be an incredible idea, to 'the norm' of Society, works out to be full of holes to 'the different'
The Disabled, if offered a carrot, a means, to remain in their own home, will take it. But with the carrot comes an ass! (mule or maybe not!)
I have stated that the carrot is funding.
The ass is: rules, stipulations.
The carrot declares you can live how you wish, use monies how you like as long as its to help your independants and assistants.
The ass stipulates, no help with your garden, no help with walking your dogs! Yet these are things we do! It declares that you may go out, perhaps to a movie, once a month approximately. You are monitored constantly. You are encouraged to advertise yet can not use the funding given, to advertise!

When chosen to recieve this funding, you are assessed for your needs, then not supplied enough funding to cover it!
This is not independance as others know it!
Society tell 'the different' to be grateful!


Gratitude denotes a gift, appreciation, acknowledgement that 'the different' are indebted to 'the norm'.
While I have never been the kind of Individual that feels 'The World owes me' , I certainly am not the kind of Individual who feels indebted to Society! We are talking about basic needs, humanity! Not showing gratitude for a sweet show of kindness!

This action only causes a rift, and whereas the majority declare they are enabling and integrating the minority, it seems they are not, not at this level! They are passifying and controlling!
In my opinion if 'the different' were not labelled, were efficiently helped, and were treated as human 'the norms', reactions and actions would be positive!

It's a corporates reaction to the 'different' To give an inch but take a mile! But it's not important to act efficiently, only to be seen to act by Society, by 'the norm', by the labellers!
Why act at all?
To lessen the feel of guilt! To feel right within themselves. To get votes!

2. The type casting and labelling at such high levels has, in my experience, had a dominoe effect! Correction, has had, and continues to have!
We are not in the dark ages, when those with a disabilty were hidden away from Society, or seen begging in dirt ingrained rags, or shunned when noticed. Or are we?
I am a people watcher.
People fascinate me!
Their reactions to 'the different' amuse me!
They amuse me because I am happy with who I am; My soul; My life. I am happy in all aspects.

I, like many, have hang ups, and unanswered questions, like 'does my butt look big in this' or 'am I fat' or 'If Wile Coyote can afford to buy all the ammunition from acme, why doesn't he buy himself dinner', but, with all my hang ups, I am happy!
This being the case, it doesn't upset me when a curious child with a beaming smile and innocent eyes, runs up to me full of questions. Only to have a Parent drag the child away by the arm, and instill in the babe the need to stay away!
No, it does not upset me, but it does sadden me!
Such reactions remind me of the days of the Human Circus, where 'the different' were put on display to be feared or mocked! The trend continues! Unfortunately it will continue, if Parents continue dragging away the innocent!
If a little child is curious, ask the individual with the disability if they mind questions. Perhaps the Parent has a problem approaching 'the different'! That is more likely than not!

3. If all are seen as equal, as is so often advertised by Associations; If improvements are being made to buildings, both facially and structually, to enable those with a disability to enter, then why is my entry obstructed!
It is incredible, in my opinion that there are still places I can not visit! New stores, older stores, even stores that are structually accessable and have automatic doors are not acccessable!


The actions of 'the norm' to 'the different'
Those who have money, often desire more. If such a character is a store owner, or manager, their prime motivation is to gain profit. It stands to reason then that they need to keep sales high. The more the customer sees through the window the more enticing. The more goods on show in the store, the more inviting! The more goods, the more shelving! The more shelving, the less free space! Bingo! No Access! Oh I must admit that some shop assistants will try to accomodate, coming out onto the pavements or walkways outside, to take your order. But for goodness sake, is this equality! I think not!
Other store assistants react by averting their gaze and turning away.

When all is said and done, we all do well to remember; Those that think they are in a better situation often are not. Those that think they know the answers, often learn nothing at all! Those that label others, often become labelled themselves.
How we treat, react and act toward others, ultimately makes a huge difference!

I prefer the actions of those that truely see no labels!
Those who see no colour, creed, disability, or nation!
Those that are not children, but like children, are just curious!
I prefer my circle!

Thank you for reading
Paris L'Amour

Published: 2006-05-23
Author: Paris L'Amour

About the author or the publisher
I am a lady who enjoys simplicity, gentleness and peace.
I have had two poems published and sold internationally.
I enjoy writing and find it a relaxing release when feeling stress, and a wonderful enjoyment when feeling contentment.
I have experienced many things in my life. None I regret, as each one, pleasant or otherwise, molded me into who I am!
I write, primarily for me, but hope that someone benefits from reading my scribbles! If my writings make others think another way. I am happy.

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