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Ohio answering service provides sales lift at heating and cooling company

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The recent recession has officially made me the busiest man in the country. Okay, maybe I can’t back that statement up with any specific facts. But I know that my business has been through the roof. Affected by economic woes, HVAC companies across the country are looking for ways to cut costs, maximize productivity and amplify savings across all aspects of their businesses.

Even as the economy continues to rebound, my phone is still ringing off the hook. A lot of companies were caught off-guard by the recession and want to make sure they don’t get hit quite as hard next time. One company in particular came to me this past summer with an urgent need to cut costs and boost sales without having to hire more staff or pump inordinate amounts of money into their infrastructure.

I got a call on a warm Monday afternoon from a concerned manager at a local heating and cooling company. Following the worst of the recession, the company’s growth was stagnant. The manager had even expanded his staff to handle the growth, but shortly thereafter the movement had stopped.

Part of the problem was his company was small enough that technical staff would often have to take the incoming calls before actually deploying to the field to fix the problems. Following staff deployment, busy operators would miss calls and lose sales. This was seriously hindering productivity and growth.

This is a common problem I have seen with HVAC companies, and ever since I heard about this operator answering service, I have been singing the company’s graces.

This particular Ohio answering service employs a dedicated team of trained professionals to answer phone calls from incoming sales leads. The staff takes care of leads in a respectful, professional manner and answers questions based on scripts and the client’s knowledge base. The nationwide answering service can also field repair calls from returning customers. Messages are delivered by any method the client desires – whether by text, phone call, email or fax.

With the new expertise of the Ohio answering service, the company was able to free up technician time to answer calls. Sales leads that the team had missed in the past were now fielded by the operator answering service. Conversions went up, and the company logged a sales increase of close to 35 percent within the first month. Whereas the heating and cooling company had been losing return customers due to late technicians, the level of customer satisfaction raised significantly, building the company’s brand loyalty. Yes, the nationwide answering service seemingly flattened the entire hump the company had been trying to overcome.

With the awkward growth period past, the company was free to continue building, eventually bringing on more technical staff for the increased workload. The manager was delighted to see his company thriving again and now swears by the operator answering service, suggesting it to any friend or acquaintance that needs help.

As an independent consultant, I’ve seen a lot of quick fixes. But I truly believe that a nationwide answering service is the way to go if you’re looking to grow your heating and cooling company.

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Gary Holthaus is an Ohio-area consultant who specializes in productivity optimization for HVAC companies. His article features information on and
Published: 2009-10-26
Author: Gary Holthaus

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