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On Line Back up service Introduction and software features

On Line back up service , Software , encrypted

On Line Back up service: Introduction and software features:

Remote Backup Software works like any other data backup software, but with one important difference.

Instead of sending backups to a tape drive or other media attached to the computer it is backing up, this online backup software sends the backup over the Internet, regular telephone lines, or other network connections to your online backup server safely offsite.

Working Time :

It does this (usually) at night while computers are not being used. Backups can also be done on-demand, any time.


It is completely automatic. In fact, you may even not notice or forget it’s working.

This is how , Most businesses put their lives on the line every night and don’t realize it.

Today , With businesses depending more and more on the data stored in their computers, proper backups are becoming much more critical.

Online Backup service software accomplishes several essential steps that are often overlooked or done improperly by other regular non-automated backup systems.

On Schedule:

Online Backups are done on schedule, reliably.
Most businesses don’t do this.

For one reason or another, they don’t keep a regular backup regiment.

Reason for NOT Doing:

Normally it’s because the person responsible for doing backups (if there is one) is too busy doing something else, or someone is using the computer when it’s time for a backup, or they simply forget.

Since remote backups are done with automated software usually at night, when nobody is using the computer, backups are always done on schedule.

The correct files are backed up.

Ordinary backup software is often installed with a list of files to be backed up.

This set of files usually represents the state of the system when the software was installed, and often misses critical files.

Further, it often fails to back up files that get added later. Compounding this problem, VERY few businesses take the trouble to reset their backup software regularly to include new files.

Re evaluating the system:

Online backup software solves this problem by constantly reevaluating the computer system, adding files to the backup as needed.

Several full copies of files are stored using a sophisticated version control system .
This is much too important to overlook.

The general definition of "proper" backups requires redundancy.

Need for Multiple copies:

One must keep multiple copies of the same files at different points in their development, called versions. As an example, you should have a different copy of each backed-up file for each backup session.

Further, you should be able to easily restore any of your files up to any given point in time.
Banks do it, big corporations do it, and so should small businesses. Now such an easy to use version control system is available.


Online Backups are encrypted for complete security.

Tape backups are not generally encrypted, so anyone can read them and gain access to client database, billing records, payroll, tax info, and everything else on computers.

Online Backup Software encrypts its backups using your choice of eight of the strongest cryptographic methods in the world for complete security so nobody, not even the Service Provider, can read the files.

Finally and most importantly - Backups are immediately sent offsite and stored safely away from the clients' computers and their businesses.

This is where almost every business makes its biggest mistake.

Even if they do everything else perfectly, backups are of little use if their building burns, or they are unable to physically recover their tapes from the premises.

Most small companies who do backups leave the tapes in the building with the computer, where they can be destroyed right along with the computer.

Of course, you can see that this would be a problem in a fire or flood or an earthquake.

But it's also useful in emergencies where businesses are forced to evacuate their offices quickly. Even businesses that do backups and have good, undamaged tapes have to shut down. Many go out of business simply because they don't have access to their data.

Latest models solve this problem by automatically storing this valuable data at more than one site. So, a business can be back up and running with new computers and their latest data no matter what catastrophe happens.

On Line back up system runs on all versions of Windows 95, 98, NT, XP, ME, 2000, and 2003.

They support all networks that run with these operating systems.

Two modules :

These come as two modules –
• a Client module and
• a Server module .

The Client software is automated and keeps track of the date and time and type of the next backup, and "hides" on the System Tray without interfering with any other program.

The Server operates the same way. Both can run as System Services.
Wake up call and service:

At a predetermined time the Client software "wakes up" and determines which files need backing up, and what kind of backup (out of three possibilities) is scheduled for that session.


It then compresses those files into archives that can in many cases be only 5% to 15% of the original file sizes. These archives are then encrypted using an encryption key known only to the client.

After backup files are compressed and encrypted, it activates the client's modem or Internet connection.

It contacts your computer and sends its backup. The backup is verified for integrity before sending and while being sent, then again after it reaches your Server.

This ensures that the copy of the backup that's on your Server exactly matches the copy that was sent from the Client.


Published: 2006-05-05
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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