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Online Shopping

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Ebay and Indian Plaza are quite important names in the feature of an online shopping mall, but other than the accessories and the latest gadgets spread across the website, according to me, the content provided on such websites is extremely important, when it comes to purchase for the buyer as in with the selection of the product and also the purchase decisions across a number of categories.

The content not only provides some sound knowledge but also adds like a powerful tool for flagging a particular Company or a Product. It plays like a key role in ushering buyers to the point of an actual purchase.

Over the past few years, and Indiaplaza have captured the awareness of modern hassle free shopping just sitting at home. Content influence purchases, about 50% content laid down in whatever means whether in form of an HTML or Basic text it does draw attention. A good gripping content about any product does wonder when it comes to marketing the same.

According to market strategy, content of content involves a critical factor, in initial stages of the purchase process, weighing most heavily also on the Price Tag, and also the design and the way it is been portrayed on the portal. The actual moment of a purchase decision is also when the same product is listed with both the websites yet the attracting the buyer through some discounts is almost like a added strength for the web portal. Buyers were surveyed also about the influence of the content which played an important role in making up for a decision, as it relates to the following steps of the purchase process.

• 21% decide on a product or service,
• 19% refine choices,
• 19% get support and answers,
• 17% discover products and services,
• 14% assure,
• 13% inspire a purchase
• 7% execute a purchase

For frequent online purchasers,ads on some sensitive happening blog sites are on par with sponsored search results. However, trust of content and also some sproradic advertising exceeds that of social networking site advertising. A quarter of these readers say they trust ads on a blog they read, paid search links also accounted for 25% of the responses, while 19% say they trust ads on social networking sites.

The study also suggests that ads on blogs spur a number of activities: 40% of blog readers have taken action as a result of viewing an ad on a blog; 50% of frequent blog readers say this is the case. The top activities include:

• 17% read product reviews online,
• 16% sought out more info on a product or service,
• 16% visited a manufacturer or retailer website.

I feel the content also sometimes shatters some high hopes when or if the product they purchase is of not upto the standards.

Hence Marketing with Content is real fun, if or unless it gets ugly.
So please don't blame the Organization for the Product, catch hold of the Content Writer instead.
Published: 2009-01-14
Author: Sohini Saha

About the author or the publisher
A experienced Teacher and a corporate trainer, I freelance mostly for personal or corporate based projects based on anything worth writing.I am very much interested in photography and lyrics and song writing.I have tried writing few creative Blogs and tried some poetry on the website provided.

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