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Only You Can Change The World

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Only You Can Change the World!

By Vittal Koppal

Foreword from author:-

"I was born in the year 1957 and grew up in India. As I look back on my childhood, I'd describe it as exciting. One person who was really important to me was my grandmother. She was a kind person who made me feel nurtured. Whenever we were together, we'd always talk about my problems. I remember when My Grandmother was on her death bed counting her last moments of life, she was very peaceful, and calm, even smiling, at me while I was crying and thinking my grandmother is about to go somewhere from where no one has returned. Often, she used to say to me," Follow your dreams." And you know what? In the long run, she was right. In the journey of my life I found out my dreams are no different than others, which transformed me into a writer...

We have common dreams!
We want true love!
We want beautiful and understanding life partner!
We want beautiful Life!
We want to be respected and loved by the World around us! We wish to be remembered after we go away!
We live all our invaluable life span to fulfill our unfulfilled dreams!
We are happy when we see some of our dreams come true!
We become sad when some of our dreams do not materialize!
We always worry about our dreams, which are yet to be fulfilled!
The dimension of our unfulfilled dreams, is where our heart is struck up!
The dreams, which are impossible to fulfill, has become our misery!
All our life span is spent without ever knowing who keeps on dreaming, dreams after dreams endlessly! We never look beyond our dreams! We really exist beyond the zone of dreams as light of infinite consciousness, which makes possible to see all dreams from our inner eye of consciousness, in accordance with our self-knowledge about ourselves, and the world around! Our real life is beyond our dreams! Beyond our dreams there is just unlimited endless brilliant light of eternal aware consciousness! So read on.. The eternal untold mystery unfolded here..

Thanks, for your interest, in this article. Certainly, now the great moment in the history has come, to find out collectively, the answers to all unanswered questions of the global problems and issues! Because each one of us is nothing else but a separated drop of the same oceanic humanity, each one of us, is the personification of the wholesome oceanic humankind. Each one of us is a single individualized human being. That is why our own miraculous inner voice, says and believes, nothing is impossible to us; we can take up such impossible worldwide task and see to it that, it is materialized successfully.

A separated drop of the Ocean, can never know about the taste of the Great Ocean. Similarly, therefore to know about the mystery of ones existence on the planet, one need not study the entire history of existence of life. However she or he can effortlessly self-inquire, self-realize, and know her or himself, as being the indivisible, part of the same oceanic existence and its infinite life forms!

You are about to, find out the main focus of this book ‘how anyone effortlessly, can transform his or her individualized mind, into the light of infinite consciousness. I wrote this article, from my own first hand, experiences as an inquirer of the self-knowledge, and I promise that, once you have read this article, you will not only be able to think like our enlightened Master, possessor of the continuously evolving, exploding, and expanding consciousness. Moreover, you will also self realize that, your everyday small actions, carried out in, wakeful, awareness, will certainly add up, to the total sum of, the better ‘One unified World’.

Go through it now, it explains regarding only ‘You’! Marvel at ‘Your” highness. It contains the opinions, ideas, points and views of me, its author and is intended to provide in general, information, with regard to the subject of self knowledge, covered herein, however, this book is in no way intended to provide individual personal advises. Moreover, readers are very much encouraged to investigate and carry out appropriate self-analysis, up to their own satisfaction.

Miraculous laws of the light of infinite consciousness are waiting there, to serve you, like an all wish-fulfilling tree. Just strongly command your intent what you want, it shall be fulfilled effortlessly! The more you share ‘the light of infinite consciousness’ into the world; it will return back multiplied to you in thousands folds! The power to change and to merge the scattered divided world into, ‘one unified world’ eventually is in the hands of each and every individual member of the planet Earth! Every moment is an opportunity for the new and fresh beginning! Ok, here we begin into the vision of ‘One unified world’ with a poem written beautifully by a great sage Ravindranath Tagore,

Where the mind is without fear and head held high;
Where knowledge is free;
Where the world has not been broken up into fragments by narrow domestic walls;
Where words come out from the depth of truth;
Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection;
Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary deserts and of dead habits;
Where the mind is led forward by thee into ever-widening thought and action, into that heaven of freedom, my father let my fellow country men awake;

Certainly, quite a beautiful poem, great sage Ravindranath Tagore, has expressed his deep felt profound feeling pretty well, Oh My God, where is that great place called ‘the heaven of the freedom’ that He wishes we should wakeup into? Well, this poem is an expression of his profound inner felt sense. It is a vision of his self-realization. It is about the unavoidable, future destiny of the mankind, living in a ‘one unified World’. The over all meaning of his vision is:-

Where, the world has not been broken up into, many fragments by narrow domestic walls as different individual Countries.
Where, mind of the humankind evolves, without fear, with head held high.
Where, the supreme self-knowledge is set free;
Where, words come out from the depth of the truth self-realized deep within.
Where, tireless striving of eternal quest for the self-knowledge stretches its arms towards the perfection.
Where, the clear stream of the reason and logic has not lost its way into the endless paths of the fixated opposing different scientific, religious and political beliefs and thought systems, which today factually, are leading the humankind towards nowhere.
Where the mind of humankind is ever guided forward by the wakeful inner light of infinite consciousness, into the ever widening universalized thoughts and guides the humans towards his or her local actions.
Into that ‘Heaven of the freedom’ he asked, O’ inner light of infinite consciousness; let the ancient, regenerative, eternal humankind wakeup!

Certainly, look like a goofy vision isn’t not? Well, I too agree with you; certainly which may never come true. Moreover it doesn’t even sound practical, in the present critical situations of the world. It is just a beautiful poetry, worth only, to be awarded with a worlds highest Nobel Prize, finished nothing further that is the end of it. That is how; things have been going on and on, on our planet earth. And it is also quite true that, since centuries after centuries; no one is verily interested to take the giant historical first step, towards, the vision of the ‘One Unified World’.

Please don’t get impatient, ‘where, there is a will, there is a way’! Do you know in this very present moment of the eternity, certainly, there is a ray of hope, deep within us all? Yes, it is our own inner voice. Which keeps on saying to us, that we can see to it, and make it real, very easily and effortlessly, what do you say? Do you agree with me? Do you hear such deep inner airy voice too? Which keeps on saying to us ‘to be the change that we wish to bring into the world’?

Where, could this peculiar inner voice is really situated within us all? Does it belong to our earthly existence? Our earthly existence, which is, nothing else but, ‘our whole life-span’, fixated into the individualized opposing, scientific, religious and political beliefs and thought systems? Which have transformed our clear stream of the reason and logic to lose its way into the endless paths of intellectual voids? Which are driving the present world at large, towards nowhere? Or else does it calls us from a very far and deepest dimension within us, about which, still we are very much unaware? Is it right to listen to our own inner voice? And resolve; to dare, to dream of the ‘one world wide unified country’? Is it right, to dare, to stand out alone from the rest of the humankind? Who still are unaware of the factual harsh reality of today’s endless chaos of the fragmented world?

If we listen attentively to our inner voice, it sincerely conveys us that, we are capable to take-up a giant historical first step, we can make a small snow-ball out of our vision of ‘one unified world’ and make it to move. As it rolls on its own into the world, automatically it gets bigger and bigger, towards the better ‘One Unified World’ as beautiful as great sage Ravindranath Tagore, and many other world’s ancient and as well as today’s, great world leaders, artists, sages, saints, seers, philosophers, poets, writers, social reformers, scientists, prophets, messiahs, and common humans, just like you and me, have been envisioning since long.

All right, better said than done, but how is it possible? Do our inner voice; think that, this world is nothing but a big drama? Well, this very idea naturally, gives one goose pimple all over, does it not? Yes, of course, factually, this world is nothing else but an ongoing eternal big drama! Every human knowingly or unknowingly is just playing his and her chosen roll. Everyone is enacting the characters, of combined different qualities, which they have integrated into their personality, which they love to play. Even many fictitiously created characters, have been playing, great important rolls on the stage of the world, through the persons who have been enacting them! “World is a big stage, where everyone is playing his or her chosen character”

Oh’ I see, is that so, okay just for a change, and for the fun of it, let us hear it all first, let us identify ourselves with our inner voice and experience what it experiences. And further, let us resolve to ‘think globally and act locally’. Because every drop of an effort, of every single member of this earth, certainly counts and will be transformed automatically into the new gateway for the later, larger, global movement. Let us effortlessly slow and steadily march collectively towards the better vision of the ‘one unified world’; because collective effort is the ability to work together towards a common vision of the one unified world. It makes common people, to attain uncommon results. “Slow and steady inter-supporting collective progression of humans and their offspring, centuries after centuries, certainly wins the heart of the whole world one or the other day!”

But our own skeptical individualized, earthly mind says to us, what about those big political and religious differences, and divisions in between the caste, color and creed amongst humans and countries? And what about those, who want some more time to think, and rethink. And what if they do not wish to join hands immediately? No problem at all, because our inner voice says that it can wait eternally, there is not any kind of urgency from its end, because, it is just our deep eternal inner voice of infinite consciousness.

This deep eternal inner voice of infinite consciousness had existed earlier to us, before the beginning of the humankind and the great creation itself, it exists today within each human, and it also continues to exist within our offspring generations after generations, centuries after centuries, and ages after ages, into the infinite time of eternity itself! Either way it is not going to loose or gain anything, as long as the eternal the Sun, and the Earth exist, it will wait without any kind of obligation, within the humankind, in the form of, their all witnessing inner light of infinite consciousness, and miraculously, it also remains forever far ahead, than our individualized earthly short lived invaluable existence.

You are awakened again and again, by the frequency of your own inner voice. Your inner voice moves through you like a beam of light, which shall up-root the imaginary self created divisions within the humankind one or the other day. You truly exist within every living being, in the form of the light of infinite consciousness; unaware humans with their individualized minds, cannot feel this miraculous dimension of the life. You will certainly fail, if you search for happiness, peace and light of wisdom in the external world, because, you are that very happiness, peace and light of the wisdom which you are endlessly searching in the world. This you can only realize in oneness with your own inner true self, because, you are forever interconnected, with all of the beautiful creation.

If you wish, to search for yourself, then cultivate the thoughts and feelings of wholesomeness. With your own free will you have created yourself, from your desire to inquire, explore and, to reunite with your true self or the inner light of infinite consciousness; you are the eternal universal evolving infinite creation itself. You are free to evolve into the universe, in the infinite endless time. You alone, are the creator and writer of your own destiny, and it is only in your free will, which directs your way, aim and kind of life you like to live and the way you like to follow. Your inner light of infinite consciousness, only follows you like an eternal inner witness, wherever you go, whatever you intend to do. However please remember ‘What you sow, so you reap’.

If you go away from your own inner light, you are not pulled this way or that way, by doing so you will only go away from your own true-self. You hold the light of the infinite consciousness within, it has given you the miraculous form of a human being. You are the living God, walking on the planet earth; it is the frequency of your inner voice, which again and again awakens you, into your unique existence. Now, it is in your own miraculous power of the free will, which has awakened you, to this great reunification, it is your strong desire to reunite, which has taken you to your own original true eternal infinite existence, here and now.

It is your own inner light of infinite consciousness which is behind everything that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel, think, find, discover, invent, dream and believe. You have given human form and are awakened into this world to live joyfully, happily and to discover your own true infinite existence; this is your highest expression, of love and compassion towards the vast infinite other life forms. When you search for answers in the universe, you only find the answers that are answered by your own Inner Light. You are the very subjectivity of your eternal search, which you are searching endlessly into the Universe. Your own true, infinite existence will become increasingly more and more, real to you, the moment you begin to search, within the center of your own inner miraculous dimension.

You are not what you can know, see, or understand, you are beyond any kind of knowing, your own vastness makes you unknowable and unavoidable. There is no place, where you can be without your Inner Light. Your absence truly does not exist at all; it is this very nature, which makes you unique and very special. You are the first cause, and the last effect, connected in an infinite miraculous creation, there is not a thing, in this universe, which can shake you. No prayer takes you within into your own true infinite existence, unless it is attended with the feeling of the wholesomeness. There is no, temple, or a sacred place, or an object of worship, which can touch you, nor have they ever brought you closer, to your own inner infinite light.

Your existence in the universe is unalterable; you exist in both, the infinite creation within and beyond. You are awakened again and again, in every moment of your life, for the great reunion. The division you feel is only, because of your own assumed concept of space and time. Therefore, an infinite strong will of intent, equally, is needed from your end also, for awakening into the eternal supreme self knowledge. Your awakening and growth is assured, this you must know above all else, though it is sometimes slow and sometimes painful, because the supreme self-knowledge is, beyond all political, religious and scientific dimensions.

Wholesome creation is enlightened by your own inner infinite light. You are a frequency of light and energy, which overflows from every atom; you truly exist in this miraculous dimension as the only hope of eternal future for the beautiful ‘One Unified World’. Persistently if you follow, your inner voice, you will factually be reunited effortlessly, with your own inner infinite light. Do not, ever hold yourself back. Your infinite special presence is immediate, and true, you have always been here in this very eternal miraculous dimension. Listen attentively to your inner voice; there you are truly at the center of the infinite creation. You are so much vast, and much more than your imagination. Your returning, was, is, and will be forever, awaited and expected. You are the natural torch bearer, you are ever connected with the light of infinite and aware consciousness, in means that you cannot perceive or understand, because of the separation created by your own individualized unaware skeptical mind.

You must suspend, both your belief and disbelief, in what you cannot sense, in exchange for your knowing that, you are real and alive within and beyond, of your, biological earthly existence. Do, read this uncommon book, again and again, repetitively, for in it, you will find where all that exists is united in a beautiful harmony, in the miraculous dimension beyond space and time of ‘here and now’!

The moment when a child is taken out for a walk, immediately it starts asking many questions, do you know why? That is only because, every child is very much curious to know about the beautiful vast universe around. No need to teach any child, how to ask questions! They will start asking questions, automatically. Because, the most invaluable gift of the life, the sense of inquiry, the basic intelligence of strong inquisitive intelligence, is inborn and inherent in every child. Even lovely pups of animal, bird and aquatic kingdom are very much eager to learn from their parents, about the beautiful world around. Because, they too wish be part of the wholesome evolution process of the miraculous life around.

However unfortunately, now the evolution wheel of humankind is moving very slowly towards the awakened Inner Light of infinite consciousness, because in general, most of the humanity is not at all progressing any further from within. They are stagnantly stuck-up in amusing themselves with their silly materialistic inorganic toys. Stockpiling the insignificant inorganic precious metals, stones and paper notes has become the greatest craze of the day. They spend all their invaluable miraculous life span, in the endless virtual daydreams.

Now the immediate question is, how one has to awoke the unaware humans still further, who have reduced themselves into mere ‘sleep-walking-zombies’ and make them to look, beyond their insignificant endless day dreams which shall never come true? Oh’ it is so beautiful, to retain ones joyful inquisitive innocent heart of the childhood, am I right? Therefore to inquire is the first distinctive character of the every human. When the direction of that inquisitive sense of the inquiry is effortlessly turned and focused totally towards the inquirer him or her self. Then accordingly, automatically, it shall become the spark of the self-inquiry, the eternal inner quest for the supreme light of the self-knowledge.

The light of self-knowledge ignites and burns ones own inner self-assumed ignorance, and then transform it, further into the eternal, inner light of the infinite consciousness! Only then, an unlimited inner energy of a human truly starts to evolve, expand explode, and blast eternally towards the unknown new horizons! She and He shall not be ordinary humans anymore. All the tasks which earlier, she and he, have assumed to be as good as impossible, effortlessly will become quite easy, and seem to be feasibly possible!

Yes, I too agree with you, moreover, this is also quite a pretty serious subject of metaphysics. Therefore many of the invaluable ancient eternal secrets, of the supreme self-knowledge, have been integrated within these pages, for your inspiration and reading pleasure. Don’t worry even if this subject seems new and uncommon to you, if you read this wonderful subject repetitively again and again, to the point of exhaustion, you will certainly open yourself to it, and will begin absorbing it deeply within effortlessly.

That is because; the process of repetition miraculously turns any impossible looking vision, into an effortless feasible vision. The subject of self-knowledge is quite interesting; it goes beyond the political, scientific and religious dimensions! Moreover, it is also researchable by all inquisitive humans, who have awakened into their inner strong ‘basic intelligence of intuitive perception’. It is the easiest, effortless and straightforward than all other ways. By the study of supreme self-knowledge, any human can self realize the eternal integration of his or her individualized mind, with that of the ancient eternal, inner light of the infinite consciousness! The great ancient sages of the antiquity, whose greatest accomplishment, has been to build the concrete structures of the enlightenment, have therefore envisioned, emphasized and have exhorted to the humans to develop their strong inner inquisitive intuition persistently.

This great supreme self-knowledge is discovered and self-realized, long, long back, and had been guided and hidden, since may be even more than 5000 years, as per the prevailing earthly assumed and collectively accepted concept of our everyday reality of space and time, which changes every fraction of a moment! However, the ancient Masters have effortlessly and successfully crossed that, near to impossible, barrier of the ever changing earthly self-assumed reality. Surprisingly all the enlightened masters of the world have reunited with their, inner, eternal changeless dimension of the stagnant static time zone of the timelessness! This could easily and effortlessly, learned, absorbed, self-realized and self-experienced by all willing inquisitive humans. Regardless of their different countries, religion, cast, creed, color, gender or age!

However, will it be relevant to our present age of this great scientific advancement? Who still are encaged into the individualized opposing scientific, political and religious belief and thought systems, and the horrible life styles? Moreover, factually it is the most essential for the present chaos on the planet earth. Today, in general, most of the humans are neither evolving from within, nor making any advancement towards the beautiful ‘one unified world’, which our inner light of infinite consciousness is anticipating and expecting from us, for the ages. Rather we are going very fast, away from our own inner infinite light!

Generally speaking, majority of the humankind, within are still like the same old primitive primordial ‘cave man’. So far, internally nothing has changed substantially, earlier they used to kill one another with sharp stones, now they are using sophisticated weaponry. No-doubt, however, externally at the present moment, the humankind might have progressed a little bit scientifically. And might have learned and mastered few skills to make and amuse them selves with very deathly and dangerous nuclear weaponry. Factually this does not help their collective internal evolution at all. Moreover, this stupidity must be stopped, before it is too late, or else poor unaware humans, encaged into their inner endless self assumed ignorance, are on the very edge of destroying, themselves and everything beautiful around!

The true Age of the internal evolution advancement of the humankind, can only be taken into account by the rate of change of speed of the inner evolution; to the total sum of the moment to moment lived joyfully with the wakeful awareness; in the light of infinite consciousness; under the eternal unconditional love and care of the Mother Nature. In addition, to the ratio of the amount of sincere contribution that every human make, in the short span of their invaluable biological life; towards the joyful life of the coexisting, inter-supporting, unified one world, along with all other species of the Mother-Nature!

The most invaluable, supreme self-knowledge is even more; crucially relevant to this present Age of the great scientific advancements! Moreover, it will remain so, for many more years to come from the future to join with our inner eternal static timeless dimension of ‘here and now’. Because the collectively accepted, assumed concept of the earthly external reality is nothing else, but a movie-like, self-created, self-projected, animation on the inner immaterial screen of the eternal awakened inner hallowed light of the infinite consciousness!

Every human has a great eternal standing invitation, to live joyfully, moment to moment into the eternity itself, in self-awareness, reunited with ones inner eternal timeless dimension of their second attention. Regenerating forever eternally along with Mother Nature, absorbing all the memories of the past and every passing present moments within. Envisioning and creating the future as beautifully as one can dream. Then instantaneously one shall be uplifted effortlessly, one will start evolving and expanding from within, within fraction of a moment. Then, his or her, inner supreme light of the infinite consciousness will immediately, starts glowing brightly, because factually, one will overcome the evolution-age gap of 5000 years, miraculously within fraction of a moment!

Unfortunately, until now the supreme self-knowledge, has not been propagated quite widely, because it is a mysterious subject of advanced metaphysics, which makes the student, free from all the external religious, scientific, political, emotional and other dependence to know what is right and what is wrong, to know what to do and what not to do. Ones own inner wakeful light of the self-knowledge, never allows one to do anything wrong to oneself or to the beautiful world around! Day by day one starts to grow wiser and brighter from within, towards being the sensitive, super, universal human being, along with the eternally upward raising currents of the light of the infinite consciousness!

Today the entire world is facing unusual and unessential crises like population, food, energy, terrorism; pollution, unemployment, inflation, corruption and what not, of course the list is certainly endless. No need to say that the whole humankind in itself is responsible for all the global crises, which are threatening its very own existence. In general, lack of the self-knowledge amongst most of the humans, is the root-cause of all the terminal crises, disasters and serious problems that humans are facing today. In brief, the main object of all the religious and scientific advancements of the world is to have an undivided faith in oneself and to self-experience, self-realize brilliant enlightened light of the infinite consciousness and to keep evolving expanding eternally along with it forever into the vast infinite universe!

Generally speaking, knowingly or unknowingly, today’s unaware human has not yet evolved enough from within, to grasp the inner, eternal light of the infinite consciousness. This is only because of their deep-rooted, habitual fixation of their out looking first attention, backed by their individualized mind, which has been stuffed with the undigested worldly knowledge. If we consider the evolving life of the humankind as a growing tree, then the inner true indomitable light of infinite consciousness certainly is its root! Boosted up tree of the life cannot flower nor bloom, if there is not any corresponding growth at the level of its roots! That type of artificial fictitious tree of the life of the humankind would be just like an ornamental Bonsai tree, a dwarfed pygmy like or like a tall tower, without the deep and strong foundation. How long would it stand from falling on itself?

Having an ambition to become the rich and the powerful in the external materialistic world, is good, as long as one need not have to sacrifice ones, inner most invaluable eternal gift of the life, the wakeful, light of infinite consciousness or ones true-self. Such ambitions may help one to make a big showoff in the external world that is all. However, it cannot be every ones quest or destiny, it should not be. Such life does not fill ones heart with profound happiness, joy and warmth. It will never drive away ones inner endless ignorance!

Okay, then, what one should do? Then, it becomes crucially important and essential to make a sincere and honest inquiry into ones own self by exploring, inquiring, to expand and evolve oneself forever. Therefore, it is a great exhort from the part of this book, which propagate the supreme self-knowledge. Because it is the easiest gateway towards the supreme light of the infinite consciousness, which in turn effortlessly makes the humankind, capable to envision effortlessly the joyful bright beautiful future as greatly as one can wish, will or intend.

Even though, every child is naturally awakened into this world along with the inborn inner light infinite consciousness, to self-inquire, to learn, to re-sense and to self-realize, one’s own inner indomitable light of the self-knowledge. Finally to become light unto one self and to contribute ones best services towards materializing the beautiful vision of one unified world. But generally speaking, as a new born child starts its pilgrimage of the explorations and inquiry into the external world, with the help of its externally sensing first attention, she or he begin to learn and believe many things; looking at all people around, unfortunately it begins to imitate and function just like them. Then, by and by, that becomes an everyday unconscious, mechanical, habitual, accustomed, and usual routine. Thus unknowingly, in unawareness, naturally, one gets fixated into an individualized mind of the first attention, which makes one to believe and think that she or he is a separate entity.

Hence psychologically one is forever separated from the wholesome of the life, which automatically makes ones life miserable to live. Because one has to endlessly keep feeding his or her senses, to experience the aliveness. And repetitively copulate to experience again and again the carnal joy! Thus one will become nothing else but an encaged slave unto oneself, losing the inborn eternal inner freedom! She or He, will become knowledgeable, and will be full of the accustomed, accumulated, and stuffed readymade undigested information regarding the external world around, except ones own inner, true indomitable light of the infinite consciousness!

But actually, the separateness which one feels is eventually not true at all. Because factually one can never separate biologically from the wholesome of the existence, because of our unavoidable dependence for the basic biological needs. We are interconnected with the wholesome of the existence by the same air, same earth, water and food, etc that we obtain from Mother Nature and the Sun above. Last but not least we are also interconnected by the same light of infinite consciousness, which we all miraculously share equally, because each one of us is the indivisible parts of the same wholesome existence of life on the earth.

A child never gets an opportunity to see within, to know oneself. However, when she or he, does get an opportunity, by that time, it will be too late. By that time, poor child will be acclimatized, individualized, accustomed and gotten deeply fixated with all the unessential, endless heavy burden of undigested worldly knowledge from the unaware people around. Which is being passed on, from generations to generations, centuries to centuries, unknowingly, who intern, are equally ignorant within, because they too had never thought to doubt the credibility of the undigested worldly knowledge.

Because they too did not had, time to ‘Look within’, no one cared to tell them either. Because, generally speaking no one around them had, self realized it either, however, whenever an awakened, enlightened Master, tried to express their vision of self-knowledge, self-realized, deep within. They were misunderstood and were crucified mercilessly to curb their voice of rare wisdom, and just closed their life time chapter by just calling them ‘The Child of the God’.

Because of the visions and sayings of that awakened Masters, were above their collectively accepted and accustomed concepts of the prevailing reality, hence, naturally the blind leading the blind, so on and so forth, all of them together, going hand in hand towards the same bottomless world of eternal darkness. Very far, very, very far from their own inner light of the infinite consciousness! Therefore, by and by, every human child looses and forgets the most invaluable, gift of the life, of ones inborn and the inherent, second attention of the basic intelligence of the strong inquisitive intuitive perception. Where as, where naturally each and every human child also, is a child of the God or the inner light of the infinite consciousness!

Alas! Unknowingly, as a result in turn by and by, the invaluable playful paradise of the childhood of the peerless innocence is lost forever! And the human child naturally, starts to believe that there is not any greater meaning to the life, than just to survive, entertain, and procreate. Therefore naturally begin to spend ones invaluable life, without ever looking within or beyond ones mental fixation of out looking first attention molded with ready made undigested knowledge. They begin to live in the self-created, real-like life, but which is actually unreal. Thus they are unknowingly, molded into a somnambulist, sleepwalking and living zombie, existing in the world, but not existing at all, swimming in the ocean of the bliss, yet unfortunately dying miserably every moment, because of their inner insatiable endless thirst for the Bliss, and for the light of the infinite consciousness!

Thus mentally and spiritually uprooted, from the wholesome of the life, soon ones life unconsciously is transformed into the self-created, self-imposed, self-imprisonment! Then ones life will be nothing else but a repetitive, mechanical, monotonous, restless, and boring life, without any meaning or richness, because she and he will be living their life without knowing about their own inner, true indomitable light of the infinite consciousness. Therefore without the supreme self-knowledge, her or his accumulated, stuffed undigested worldly knowledge will be nothing else but only ‘Half-Knowledge’!

Oh’ my god, half-knowledge is dangerous! The great One who said these words, all he wanted to say that, knowing about the worldly knowledge and being successful only in the external political, scientific and religious world is not enough! Moreover, it is as good as, living with only half-knowledge, which is as good as living only half-life! It can not be a profound life. The remaining half-knowledge and half-life, comes to One from awakening into Ones own inner, light of supreme self-knowledge. The second attention of the indomitable light of the infinite consciousness and living a full profound life in awareness, am I right?

Yes, exactly one must be; well informed about Ones second attention of the indomitable inner light of the infinite consciousness, if not one, will remain as a human with only half-knowledge. Who is only half-human and remaining inner-half, still will be like an untamed wild beast. Who is always restless, miserable, going nowhere, never at home anywhere! Even in ones, own home, his or her, inner-endless undigested worldly knowledge always hunts!

As a result, half-lived life with undigested half-knowledge will be as good as crippled life! No matter how smart, rich, powerful and famous one may grow-up in the external world, however, she or he will lifelong be a stranger to oneself. Truly, without ever knowing who they are, without realizing their own true indomitable self of the awakened light of the infinite consciousness, without living a full profound life, just vegetating like any other animal. On the other hand unconsciously just wasting away the most invaluable free abundant resources of Mother Nature and the wonderful invaluable precious moments of miraculous biological span of life, on the planet earth!

The ancient awakened enlightened masters of world over, who went deep within did not returned with empty hands! Such ancient enlightened masters have created the great treasures of literature, great epics, the testaments and the sayings. Because first they had enlightened and envisioned it all within themselves, because, within they were all reunited, with the light of supreme eternal infinite consciousness! However, on the other hand the negative part of it is that the unaware, humans with undigested worldly half knowledge. Who ignored their self-knowledge, have also created, many horrible crises, which whole humankind is facing today! Am I right?

So logically, it becomes very much essential to expose the inner endless stupidity, of the human. By propagating and, exhorting the supreme self-knowledge, which factually leads the humans towards the eternal inner hallowed light of the infinite consciousness. The stuffed up, endless ignorance of the human has to be exposed and illuminated with the help of this easy and straightforward method of the supreme self-knowledge. Here in this book the everyday reality of the present scientifically advanced Age, is artistically and mockingly, shown as the harsh-reality. Only to prove that, the most beautiful ultimate eternal reality truly exists within and beyond every individual member of the humankind. Here is a great invitation to plunge deep within, unto the darkest corners of ones individualized mind, let us expose and enlighten it with the most invaluable supreme light of the Self-Knowledge!

Moreover, when a human is awakened into the light of self-knowledge, the world represents a corresponding change of panorama. All harsh-things in ones life, transform themselves into the beautiful things. Further ones evolutional inner wheel begins to move. By and by ones individualized mind is dissolved automatically into the infinite consciousness. One realizes the real meaning of the death and becomes fearless and free from all their biological needs of the earthly life, therefore, when the last moment of life on earth comes, she or he shall offer their mortal biological body in gratitude and benediction back to Mother Earth, for recycling, and miraculously their well evolved individual consciousness dissolves into the eternal light evolving, expanding infinite consciousness, which exists within the eternal regenerative humankind.

Okay, I too agree with you, of course this is quite unbelievable because the abstract world of the infinite consciousness, which can be perceived only by the second attention of the awakened, or the Nagual, is impossible to perceive for the unaware, humans who are fixated into their first attention of the Tonal external reality! Certainly when a human, lives and dies in their first attention, in unawareness, then his or her death will be quite unpleasant, and unbearably painful indeed, because Mother Nature forcibly has to devour their biological body for further recycling as she devour any other organic mass to maintain her own wholesomeness.

However, on the other hand when a human who has used ones invaluable gift of the biological body to self-realize, to evolve from within, then to such awakened Master, death will have an entirely a different meaning. With their own freewill, when they are still young, they will experience the death or the dissolution of their individualized mind of the undigested worldly knowledge, into the inner light of infinite consciousness, and thus effortlessly become “death to death itself”. And as far as the biological body is concerned it is nothing else but an organic mass, and has to be recycled by the Mother Nature, whether it belongs to a sinner or saint, rich or poor, and good or bad! Well On the other hand in a way, factually there is no death for the awakened Master, and for them it is just stepping out of the well used biological body gracefully, freeing oneself completely from all the basic biological earthly needs and bondages.

Therefore, every human child is delivered and awakened into the world, with the main purpose to self-realize his or her indomitable light of the infinite consciousness or the true-self. There is not any other greater purpose, or accomplishment for the humans, than self-realization on the planet Earth. All other things are secondary and are just like beating around the bush, futile they lead towards the same endless repetitive painful moment to moment death after death. Unless and until one is repetitively continuously awakened into the supreme self-knowledge there is not any other way to step out, or stand aside from the vicious circle of the repetitive deaths, life after life!

Life is a gift; it is a great endless opportunity to rejoin with the most precious eternal light of the inner infinite consciousness. And to live the best worthwhile life joyfully with unlimited hopeful possibilities! The invaluable life of every human is full of auspicious, wonders and mysteries. However, one has to remain open oneself towards wholesome of the life by being wakefully self-aware every moment of his or her life about the beautiful eternal infinite factual reality within and beyond.

In case if ever humans realize this simple fact and receive the difficulties, the ups and downs of the life, as the stairs ever leading higher and higher towards the indomitable light of the infinite consciousness, and strive always to better the life of oneself and those around, then certainly, every aspiring human child starts to unfold, blossom and evolve from within. Then life of every human will be a worthwhile wholesome life. With ones heart overflowing with profound self-awareness, bliss, joy and peace! As the beautiful earth spins and rolls in her eternal dance on her own axes and orbit around the eternal static Sun. Just being here and now in the total wakefulness is as good as taking part in an eternal endless celebration!

Oh’ my God! What a profound vast-vivid-vision is this; does it not? Yes, it is quite true that all the humans consciously or unconsciously are pilgrims, the seekers of the same destination. Regardless of their different countries, ways, beliefs, caste, cultures, creed, color, religion, gender and age. All are sailing in the same spaceship called the earth, towards the same inner, beautiful, ultimate, supreme peerless hallowed light of the infinite consciousness!

The awakened and enlightened human is not a special kind of individual, but rather factually and eventually every human is born with the same dormant potent spark of the ‘basic intelligence of the inquisitive intuitive perception’ within. If awakened further, she or he will begin to evolve into a unique kind of an awakened human! A human evolves from within and about, in equal proportion only when she or he re-discovers, senses their, hidden inner true indomitable light of the infinite consciousness.

Many great Masters, of self knowledge, ‘way back from the eternal future’, who did went deep within themselves have found the everlasting spring of intuition; the wisdom of the self-knowledge; the profound illuminated silence. And they have rejoined, with their inner eternal supreme light of the infinite consciousness! Which truly exist within humankind as the eternal present of the ‘here and now’ as an eternal hope for the regenerative humankind!

Every human in the short span of his or her life; one or the other day realizes the unreality of the everyday real-like, Tonal existence! The meaninglessness of many things one, is doing repetitively and mechanically! That shocks ones individualized mind, and makes them, to ask the eternal questions, which ancient Masters of the self-knowledge, have also asked unto themselves! Questions such as, who am I? From where have I come? Where will I go from here? What is the purpose and meaning of the life, birth, growing, procreation, living, and death on earth? Is there a life before or after, ones birth or death, what is the mystery of the life existence on the planet Earth?

Well, the Static (+) positive Yang energy and The Kinematical (-) negative Yin energy together exist in the universal-energy-management-system, as undivided, interconnected forever regenerating. It is also within the vital breathing air, which is making us to breathe effortlessly, thereby making the humans and all other breathing species to stay unconsciously connected with their own inner eternal static dimension of supreme light of the infinite consciousness.

When humans breathe air, they take air in and let it out again, they unconsciously stop for a fraction of a moment while breathing out or in. At the moments of the two stops, they are unconsciously in union with their inner light of infinite consciousness! Ancient Masters having discovered this great secret within this simple breathing process, they developed a breathing exercise called ‘Pranayama’. By which instead of unconsciously and automatically, the breathing is carried out, consciously in awareness and in different rhythms to suite individual requirements, by increasing the moments of stops in between while breathing, in or out.

Thereby increasing the moments of reunion with ones inner static infinite consciousness, by the magic of repetitive conscious continuous practice, the breather more and more can easily awaken and develop ones inner inquisitive intuitive perceptivity, the inborn dormant spark-seed of the self-awareness, which accelerates ones miraculous blasting of the individualized mind into the light of the eternal infinite consciousness, thus one is miraculously enlightened!

As you already know that, the Static (+) positive Yang male energy and The Kinematical (-) negative Yin female energy together exist even in the nucleus of the atoms and cells of organic and inorganic, solid, liquid, vapor and gases as undivided, interconnected neutrons, protons and electrons. They are equal and opposite and also as well as neutral, they are eternal ‘Trinities’ of the infinite universal energy. And they are also part of light of the infinite consciousness. Pardon my frankness; unfortunately, when they are made to split from their eternal union, they explode in the form of the powerful deathly nuclear explosion, further causing ‘imbalance’ into ‘the universal-energy-management-system’. That naturally further results into the natural looking massive disasters like landslides, Tsunami and Earthquakes!

Similarly, we already know that, every human-child is born and awakened into the world with a dormant spark seed of inquisitive intuitive perception. Which if awakened further, miraculously explodes to transform the ordinary human being into the Awakened Enlightened Master, by the result of which she or he gives back, the universal energy which they have used for their personal evolution. However, this happening do not cause imbalance, on the other hand, helps towards the balancing of the universal energy-management-system! This also, in turn completes the evolution cycle of that awakened human into the light of infinite consciousness.

That is how an ordinary human is transformed into an enlightened Master, the living gateway, living proof and living witness, for the other unaware humans to get reunited with their inner light of the infinite consciousness, and evolve further to get enlightened easily and effortlessly. Then only, in the real sense, the wheel of the evolution of humankind really starts to move. Then only the universal-energy-management-system is beautifully balanced without any harm to any one or anything! As invented, discovered and stated by a great scientist Albert Einstein, in formula: E=mc², of the unified theory of the relativity.

The hidden meaning of all the great holy scriptures, the testaments, the secret doctrines, the philosophies of world over, in addition the sayings of all the great world teachers, the enlightened masters, the messiahs, the prophets, the scholars, the saints, the sages, the seers, the scientists and the great artists and every common simple humans like you and me, can be distilled, condensed, nut shelled and integrated into the smallest form of a single word, called as: ‘Awake’. The self-knowledge is the only ‘master key’, which is easiest and simplest to unlock, unfold, open, and to awaken ones individualized mind into ones inner light of the infinite consciousness, this processes is also called as ‘Satori’.

Satori is Japanese ‘Zen’ word and it is the state of ‘Instance Intuitive Inner Illumination’ it is another word for the self-realization, for the awakening into the light of ‘illuminated inner infinite eternal silence’. Actually self-realization is just a simple natural phenomenon in the humans evolution process, which unfortunately remains dormant and inactive if ignored in ones invaluable life span! Unless and until a human self-realizes their inner factual reality, they can never over ride or stop their ever changing everyday time!

Well, what do I really mean, when I say stopping of the time? Will it ever stop? Certainly, stopping of the time is quite easy and effortless indeed, actually the time is stopped internally, when one is awakened into his or her second attention, just like one loses the time sense, when one is soundly sleeping. It is impossible to know what an invaluable eternal priceless gift that a human is born with! Unless and until one lets go off everything from within, to which one is holding and clinging very tightly within. All the ancient enlightened Masters of world over, emphasize one way or another the same essential truth that one must be prepared to enter deep into ones own inner darkness of the undigested worldly knowledge. If one wishes to be awakened into the inner light of infinite consciousness, one must be prepared to plunge deep into the dark cloud of the not knowing. This is called as the dark night of the Soul!

If one wishes to arrive at the vision of self-knowledge of within and beyond, one should empty oneself totally of one’s stuffed undigested knowledge. If one wishes to start evolving from within, one should let-go off ones inner mental fixations and attachments to the inorganic lifeless materials. One, who sees, his own consciousness in every beings; loses all his fears, this is the greatest accomplishment in the world, which any human, can easily, effortlessly, achieve in his lifetime. Eventually, holding on to the real, is so much easier than to let-go the unreal.

Today unaware humans have lost their peace of mind because; they have lost their roots in their Mother Nature! Their inner eternal silence is shattered by the endless screaming of present day noise of modern city life, roaring of jet planes, endless noise of the traffic and TV sets, radios, CD Players. Humans will do anything to avoid silence, stillness. So, all day along they continue to make noise to pollute their profound inner eternal silence! The noise in the background all the moments of the day, regardless of what they are doing, has become one of the most essential necessities to the present day unaware people. However, the unaware people fail to notice that, the same noise is the main cause of their anxiety ridden, neurotic restlessness! Actually, they are living, a very un-real and an artificial fictitious life! Most of the time, they are using today’s scientific advancements, to take them away from their inner beautiful factual-reality, rather than to illuminate it, to reconnect with it! They have cut off from the natural resources of inner nourishment, heeling and renewal power, which flow eternally from the Mother Nature! They have become like an uprooted tree that shall die a slow and painful death. Their roots are bleeding and in addition, they are losing their connection with the unconditional love and care of the Mother Nature, with the rhythm of the seasons.

The unaware humankind is reducing itself as slaves to the lifeless electronic gadgets! They do not take any more vacations, to regenerate, to refresh and to breathe cleaner fresh air! All day along, they keep on amusing themselves with virtual lucid-day-dreams, self created by their stupidity of the stuffed undigested knowledge; they are wasting their invaluable life time, youthful energy and hard earned money, on the make believe fictitious world of the un-reality, they are lost in the eternal endless ignorance of the unawareness. Above all, they are losing their roots in that light of their inner infinite consciousness, without which all their ultra modern scientific advancements has no meaning at all. And in which alone whole humankind can find the ultimate fulfillment, ‘Nirvana’!

Today’s modern scientific world, more and more has reduced exclusively to the use of reason and logic, especially only in the fields of exploitability, utilitarian, functionary, commercially rewarding materialistic aspects, poor gullible youngsters are often asked, to become practical and concentrate only on the things that will bring in a good cash returns! Wisdom has made to give way to the stuffing of the ready-made undigested knowledge! Art has made to give way to the inanimate artificial fictitious materialistic life styles! Verily indomitable light of inner infinite consciousness is made to give way to the killer-instinct of the assumed aggressive ego! Day by day the future of the young generation is becoming more and more insecure; many are losing their hope of the beautiful tomorrow, of seeing a better ‘one unified world’ to lead a better joyful respectable profound life!

All this has resulted into a monotonous repetitive, mechanical, nullified void life of today. Boredom a negative and indirect waiting for the death is all that one gets as an end-result at ones old age! They have lost their sense of wonder; the world is no more wonderful and mysterious to them. Modern scientific and technological developments are making one to take the world and the life at only its face value.

Just like a candle, a human should enlighten oneself first, to help to enlighten others! In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments but there are only consequences. One who has learned to take the things as they come, and to lets them go, as they depart has mastered the art of cheerful and contented self-centered living! The light of infinite wisdom and truth comes truly to one who says, “I am indivisible part of the wholesome creation, I am open, I will receive, and I shall be reunited with the ancient eternal inner light of the infinite consciousness”.

When we hear the truth and do not act upon it, it becomes a poison within us and that poison spreads, bringing psychological disturbances, unbalance and ill health! The unaware human is an embodied paradox, a big bundle of contradictions! He cannot bear too much of the factual-reality! One will never begin to evolve from within and beyond, who fears to follow where ones own inner voice of the light of infinite consciousness, will lead. The eternal happiness joy and bless of illuminated silence that everyone is seeking in the outside world is within ones own centre, whatsoever one sees as happiness, fascinating and captivating in the external world, is but only its reflections!

In this ever-changing transient nature of external life, no one knows how and when his or her life is going to come to an end, when ones obsessive craving for the permanent security will shatter! It is not easy to say what is the state of staggering individualized mind, will under go, while dissolving itself into the inner light of infinite consciousness. With the dropping away of the fixated conceptual thinking system, all the accumulated worldly knowledge, cherished lucid daydreams, future plans, scientific, religious and political beliefs and ideologies within fractions of seconds are dissolved into the light of infinite consciousness! Nothing can describe what one will experience in such most rare profound few seconds!

It is literally above ones verbalization, defies all descriptions; miraculously one is suddenly in his second attention as if one has always been there! Which is just incredible and beyond ones wildest imaginations! Most of the things in ones life, which one believes them to be very important, all of a sudden will lose their meanings. And many things, which one has never thought them to be as important, will then become quite important and meaningful!

Self-Realization, always downs from the horizons beyond the individualized mind. Don’t you know that suddenly a new insight downs upon your mind and changes the earlier accepted concepts, which blasts and expands your mind instantaneously to the new broader horizons? That is how an aware enlightened, awakened Master keeps on evolving from within, blasting, exploding, expanding and growing forever, because even his or her biological death does not stop his or her evolutional process, one is forever one with the wholesome eternal creation!

Well, anyone can be an enlightened Master effortlessly! Provided, you find a free time, which you can call as, your own, sit in a comfortable chair, relax and get absorbed in asking yourself these simple questions and try to find answers on your own:

Who am I?
Why have I come to this world?
Where was I before my birth?
Where I may go from this world, after my death?
Where my true inner light of infinite consciousness is situated within me?
How the true World around me is?
Is it as it appears to be?
Do the planet earth meant only for the selfish use of humankind?
How many generations humankind can survive, if it continues to live the way as it is living now?
Is it not true that humans are one amongst the millions of other species, of the Mother Nature?
Is it not true that, humans have a grater responsibility than what they assume right now?
What is the use of being super intelligent, than any other species, if they continue to live without caring for their fellow humans and all other species and the Mother Nature?
Why unaware humans are destroying themselves and the entire surrounding habitat?
Have they become nothing but confused, misguided stuffed with undigested worldly knowledge?
Are they not supposed to act more sensitively intelligently and wisely than all other species of Mother Nature?
Do they really exist in the real-sense?
Do they know the true meaning of co-existence?
Or else are they merely non-existing?
Do their inner indomitable light of infinite consciousness, is not alive and active anymore?
What is the use of their all scientific and technological, advanced civilization?
Is there any hope left within humankind?

It is better to pass through the danger of death once in self-awareness, than to be always in fear, in unawareness, about the danger of the unknowable death, the darkest hour is that before the dawn! Externally it may appear quite easy to be unaware, descend and fall; however, factually it is also very much true that, it is much easier to be self-aware, ascend and to rise ever upwards. A falling and drowning unaware human shall even try to catch a straw to save one-self, however, an awakened, never shall fall or drown!

Your all restlessness is because of your own indomitable light of infinite consciousness within you! Even with all your efforts, you can never bury it under your individualized mind stuffed with the undigested worldly knowledge. Then now the immediate question that arises within oneself is that, how to grasp the things, which are above and beyond the horizons ones individualized mind? Exactly that is what I am also trying to make you to see from your point of view and convey you that: with ones common rationality of ones individualized mind, one can find, know and grasp the external things, that fall within the spectrum of the verbalization of the known knowledge.

Therefore, in general to understand and later to express through words regarding that something knowable means ones ability to verbalize with the help of ones individualized mind, stuffed up with the ready-made known knowledge! However one becomes speechless when one comes across something, which is above and beyond ones capabilities of knowing! Hence whenever one becomes speechless, at some rare moments, there is no need to worry, because that is the right moment, the best moment, to look within and realize, sense, feel, experience your inner indomitable wakeful light of the infinite consciousness.

Actually, all the external magnificent advancements in the fields of arts, science, and commerce, which we are witnessing today has become possible only because of the light of infinite consciousness within humankind, and it is only because of this inner light it has also become capable to understand, express, verbalize, create, all the available oceanic knowledge of today, by discovering, inventing and by arriving at the appropriate conclusions, that is why the inner light of infinite consciousness is called as the mother of all the external oceanic worldly knowledge!

Therefore, the two way switch, the way of unawareness of the all-round destruction and the way of the awareness of the eternal beautiful bright future, factually, is in the free will of each and every member on the planet earth. This small self-realization is the first step; towards the human’s eternal bright future, so let us be the change that we wish to bring into the world! Choose the best, and be the best amongst the best! Awake and arise into the infinite awareness. Read this book again and again to the point of exhaustion, until you open towards your own inner indomitable wakeful eternal light of the infinite consciousness! Only by the process of repetition you can awaken, become aware moment to moment beyond the dimension of the time and space.

The wholesome creation is multidimensional; everyone experiences, knows and understands the factual-reality differently with respect to his own level of evolution, understanding and stuffed worldly knowledge of within and beyond, without ever paying attention towards, his own inner wakefully witnessing light of the infinite consciousness! Even if the entire super scientifically advanced human brains of the world over, sit together along with their ultra modern computers, to process verbalize the ever evolving expanding, exploding, blasting peerless light of the infinite consciousness of within and beyond, it would take infinite endless light years of time, to process and to record it all on a computer provided it has infinite Bytes of space on their hard disk!

Today, the immediate question that arise, when we watch ‘World News’ in our home television sets is that: “Why this world, day by day is becoming too dangerous to live, most of the time the humankind is fighting, killing and making endless wars unendingly world over, why is it so? Will this stupidity ever end? Do we ever have a peaceful co-existence on this beautiful planet Earth? Yes indeed today, world over, most of the people are quite concerned regarding the world issues, because everyone is equally affected in one way or the other!

Even though biologically the humankind function in the same way world over, however they differ in many ways like intellectually, politically, religiously, economically and of course color of their skin! Because present political world of the humans unfortunately is divided into endless parts and sub divisions, by many opposing cress-crossing, scientific, political and religious thought and belief systems, that are blindly, unconsciously taught, practiced and passed on, from generation to generation, centuries after centuries, without making timel
Published: 2006-09-07
Author: Vittal Koppal

About the author or the publisher
Thanks for visiting my profile page, my name is Vittal Koppal, I'm a professional writer, age 49, I am from India, I bring love, light and peace from Inda! You can check my book "Think Globally Act Locally" at

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