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Operator answering service a smart alternative to new hiring during recession

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The waves of recession are still washing across the sandy shores of American business. Companies that were hit hard by the economic swells are trying to fight the current and come up for air. Some have drowned; still others are treading water but losing their strength against the choppy undercurrent of the rebounding economy. As a consultant, my job is to throw those companies a life preserver.

What I’ve come across most often surfing the tumultuous waters of the recession is an option that can simultaneously help cut costs and increase sales and is not known to many businesses. Companies across medical, real estate, HVAC, legal and a wide range of other industries are more and more turning to a nationwide answering service in order to increase the productivity of in-house staffers. After all, if you have a company in need of a life preserver, why not buy a battleship for the same price?

With an operator answering service, your company can free up precious resources to allocate towards more important tasks. Field workers doubling as operators can focus all their time on service, orders, etc. Don’t worry about hiring extra staff to handle your expansion; the trained professionals, some of whom have more than 15 years experience, will help your business grow without expending more money to hire staff that you might not even have a full-time need for.

Here are some of the convenient functions of an operator answering service:

- Answering incoming phone calls – Whether it’s a call from a sales lead, a customer or a business partner, a trained staff is on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to field all of your incoming calls. The professionals at the Michigan answering service treat all callers with respect and answer questions accurately using scripts and your company’s knowledge base.

- Email read and response – Your inbox is flooded day and night with junk mail, newsletters, customer inquiries, business-to-business correspondence, and internal communications. Let a nationwide answering service filter emails and respond to the ones that are most important based on how you decide to prioritize your work.

- Order entry – The administrative hassles associated with order entry can be completely eliminated by employing a nationwide answering service to take care of the task for you. This service saves you the hassle of paying more staff for data entry.

Ultimately, companies in the area that have hired a Michigan answering service are seeing huge bump ups in sales conversions. Leads that may have been missed due to understaffing are now converted to sales, allowing for massive expansion for companies adopting the strategy across tons of different industries. You want to find an operator answering service that has the experience it takes to propel your business to the next level.

This strategy is a great one for small businesses that either struggled through the poor economy or are just getting started as the economy begins to rebound. Rather than hiring a full-time staff to answer phones, you can organize your company’s messaging, branding, services and business plan and put the answering service to work.

About the Author:

Gary Holthaus is a Lansing-area consultant who specializes in productivity optimization for a wide range of companies. His article
features information on and
Published: 2009-10-26
Author: Gary Holthaus

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