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Organ harvesting in Medical Transplant Tourism !!!! A Growing Business Trend - Selling Organs!!

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Organ harvesting in Medical Transplant Tourism - !!!! –
A Growing Trend !! --- (Selling Organs!!??)

Concern and Complaint:

Top Surgeons from UK have registered complaints against specific countries including CHINA of harvesting the Organs of thousands of executed Prisoners each year to sell for Transplants!!!!!

There is a GROWING TREND OF MEDICAL TOURISM with people from South Korea , Japan traveling to China for Treatment and it is noted that they may receive Prisoners’ organs. Even developing countries like India have been attracting few years ago, tourists for the same purpose.

Fast Match making trend in China :

The speed at which Donors and patients were matched - some times with in a week implied that Donors are being lined up as Givers before they Die .
China was a leading destination followed by Philippines and USA .

Websites in JAPAN , South Korea and Taiwan advertise this especially on Liver , Kidney transplants in China. This was reported even in the San Jose Mercury News.
On one website Chinese Doctors ask for a payment of US$ 70000.00 FOR A Non Chinese patient.

A liver transplantation would cost around US$ 110000-120000.
The following are the coverage for the above prices:

1. Price for New Organ
2. Priority on the Waiting List
3. Transplant Surgery
4. Hospital fee and stay and accommodation fee
5. Expenses for two months after the Surgery.

Travel cost and Hotel stay are excluded.

Permanent rules are in the making in China , prompted by Reports of botched transplants on Japanese patients that led to as many as Eight deaths !!

Secret Camp:

In recent times there was a report in the EPOCH TIMES , an Overseas Newspapaer linked to the Falungong , a Banned Spiritual Movement that a Secret Camp at the China’s North eastern region . contained Falungong detainees who were to be executed for the purpose of providing organs that the state would sell for a profit.

US Government also took the issue very seriously and urged China to investigate.

New Rules :

China has recently announced the new rules :
From July selling Organs will be illegal and all Donors must give written permission .

Traditional Belief:

The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that China has difficulty finding Organ Donars partly because of a Traditional belief that a person’s body is a Gift from his parents and should be buried intact after death.

Another problem is that Organs can be harvested only after the patients’ heart stops beating , which halts the potential supply.

Brain Dead patients :

There is also a growing debate among Medical Authorities in china whether to permit organs to be removed from Brain dead patients who had given prior permission.

Conclusion : Human Organ Harvesting is legally condemnable and Unacceptable and it is a breach of HUMAN RIGHTS . This has been clearly specified by the British Transplantation Society.

(Source : Straits Times )
Published: 2006-04-20
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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