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Origin Of Mankind

mankind, extraterrestrial

There are so many theories put forth by scientists regarding the origin of mankind. One school of thought was that mankind evolved through evolution from the simplest microorganisms which could even be from some simple one cell organisms into fishes which in turn came up onto land and the later evolved into apes and finally so forth into modern man.
On the other hand those from religious beliefs believe that mankind were created by GOD who first created Adam and then Eve was created from Adam and all of us are actually their descendants.
I am of the view that mankind is directly descended from some extraterrestrial beings who had visited earth eons ago and left behind a man and a woman to populate the earth.Historical records have shown that actually extraterrestrial beings have actually visited planet a long time ago. The Aztecs of South America have drawings inside caves depicting them.Even in this centtury or century before there have been reports and sightings of unidentified flying objects and aliens visiting earth and capturing people to examine them. Why do you think they do this?
If religious groups believe that everyting is created by the Supreme Intelligence, the who is actually the Supreme Intelligence? - GOD or some extraterrestrial alien being.
Well, some much for my theory. It is only my theory. How many of you netizens have that theory in mind?
Published: 2007-11-23
Author: Chan Loon

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I am a Malaysian man aged 55 and I have recently retired. As I have plenty of spare time and I need money to survive, I surf the internet looking for job opportunities. Yesterday I came across your site and here I am signing up as a writer. My interests are in reading and swimming. I can speak and write good English and would like to try my hand as a writer. I would like to write on my life experiences and on self development.

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