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Outsourced: Security

Outsourcing, perils, contract, changing loyalty, noman's land

Outsourcing of services has been a bone of contention inmore than one country. Thedeveloped nations see the rest as beggars queuing up for doles of services to keep themselves agoing and thesocalledbeneficiries know tha they are not only shortchanged by govenments and corporates but also their imediate emloyer whois usually acontractor. This firm or individual is answerable to none.indeveloped countries like the Us, the law oftorts isenforced with vigour. Not so in acountry like India where the courts are clogged with litigants and cases.This serves as a conduit for mischief and brazen vilation of law. Even crim,inal acts.

Take securityfor instance. Most corporates and government offices havehanded over the amning of gatesand maintenance of security installations to private agencies. They in turn employ unskilled, illtrained, illeuipped persons for thesensive postings. Most of them are ontemporary basis, an excuse these agencies util;ise when they have to account for misdemeanours.

The currency fluctuations apart, an euro and a dollazr do carry weight here in rupees.What is given out is peanuts compared to what they get inthemothercountry. Yet there s a scramble for these jobs. And working conditions being far from perfect, the attrition rate is high.

What causes concern to citizens is the callous indifference to welfare legislation and securityaspects. The safety net of unemploymment doles is yet to be.The inidence of unnatural deaths haveshot up. Social scientist are not vocal on this issue. In our blessed land we are never short ofagitations butan agitation for basic rights? No, sir, it does not fetch much publicity and mileage in the idiot box.
Published: 2007-11-18
Author: self

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