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Overcoming your fears

overcome fear

I will like to talk on fear.This is because the Bible says that in the last days,the heart of many shall fail them because of fear.A lot of people today,their hearts are failing them because of the things that are happening.

Fear is a spirit.The devil uses it as a weapon against people.Fear paralysis. Fear incapacitates.Fear enslaves. Fear intimidates.Fear can imprison a man in a house with the doors wide open.One of the worst thing that can happen to a man is fear.

A lot of people are afraid of what tomorrow holds for them because of what they are seeing today.While others are afraid of what might happen.What could happen.What if this or that happens?Some are afraid to travel,marry,or of barrenness,sickness,death,failure,poverty,shame etc.There are some who are afraid to venture into anything.They have allowed the experience of yesterday to enslave them in such away that they are afraid to venture into any new relationship,business,or anything.Do you know that most of the things we are afraid of ,don't really exist.What exists is the fear of what we fear. Someone made an acronym for the word FEAR as

F- False
E- Evidence
A- Appearing
R- Real

When you are afraid,you can't think right,talk Right or act right.When you are afraid,you can even run away from shadows.Most times the things we fear are shadows and not realities.On various occasions,most things we are afraid of never happens.But the fear of it happening can imprison us for life.Some of the negative things that happens to us is as a result of the fear we allowed into our hearts.The devil now work on our fears and turn them into reality. Job said in Job 3:25 "For the thing I greatly fear is come upon me,and that which I was afraid of is come upon me".We invite negative things into our lives by entertaining the fear of those things.The devil work with fear the way God works with faith.Fear drives away faith and faith drives away fear.Peter only began to sink in Matthew 17 when fear came into his heart.But as long as he had faith in Jesus,he could walk on water.He could do the impossible.He could walk on the thing that other people sink in.Fear limits God's power.Fear ties up God hand from acting on our behalf. Fear is a destroyer of life and destiny.Little wonder the bible mentioned the words "Fear not" about 356 times.He expects us to "fear not" everyday of our life.

The Israelite couldn't confront Goliath for 40 days because of fear.The Israelites only had victory when David confronted what they were afraid to confront.Confront what you fear boldly,you may discover that what you had feared all these years never really exist.
What then is the solution for fear? The greatest antidote for fear is faith. Faith in yourself and faith in God and His word.
The bible says that we've not been given the spirit of fear but of power and of sound mind.You can overcome that fear!
Published: 2006-07-13
Author: andrew eli

About the author or the publisher
I was born in Port Harcout,the capital city of Rivers State in Nigeria some 34years ago. I did my primary and secondary education in Port Harcourt. I later joined politics. I was elected as one of the party ward officer and later a local government deligate.I was a personal adviser to a house of assebly aspirant and a local government coordinator for a presidential aspirant in 1991.In 1992 I went into private business.I have also been writing articles for a local magazine.I am also a pastor.

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