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Pachinko refers to a well known gaming device originated in Japan. This gaming device is generally used for amusement and prize. Recently, this gaming device has become quite popular in different parts of the world and has also found its place in famous casinos. The popularity of this Japanese gaming device is increasing day by day.

Thousands of casino goers have played the casino game and enjoyed it thoroughly. Almost all the famous casinos of the world now have this amazing gaming device to keep their customer entertained. In earlier days, Pachinko was a highly mechanical gaming device. But, at present this, gaming device has undergone a drastic change and modern pachinko machines come as a cross between a pinball machine and a video slot machine.

Pachinko games are played in Pachinko parlors. These parlors often come with an array of slot machines. Pachinko parlors have similar reputations like slot machine dens as well as casinos. These parlors, however, can be identified through their garish decoration and over the top architecture. A pachinko parlor also has a haze of cigarette smoke.

The ambiance of the parlor is created through constant din of the slot machines, flash of light, music and a number of announcements. However, most of the modern Pachinko machines that are a cross between pinball machine and video slot machine are highly customizable. These machines can entertain the enthusiasts of the game entertained.


At first Pachinko emerged in Japan as a children’s game. The pachinko machines were first build in the 1920s. At that time, it was known as Corinth game and was regarded as a children’s toy. A few years after, around 1930 the pachinko machines earned its place in the pastimes of the adults. Later during World War II, in which Japan took active part, all the pachinko parlors were closed down. But, as the popularity of the game was there, the parlors opened again in late 1940s. As Japan occupied Taiwan for a long time in the early 1900s, a wide number of pachinko establishments are found in Taiwan as well.

There are many types of pachinko machines nowadays. The parlor regulations of the pachinko parlors also vary from each other. However, the style of playing the game remains almost the same in every case.

In this game, a player can purchase metal balls to play. To purchase the balls, they can insert cash, or pre-paid cards or members’ card into the pachinko machine which they want to use for the game. Once the balls are purchased, they should be shot into the machine from a ball tray. This shot is made with purpose of winning more metal balls. The modern pachinko machines have a digital slot machine with a large screen that is situated at the center of the layout. To hit the jackpot, player has to get 3 numbers of symbols in a row.

Originally pachinko machines used to come with a spring loaded lever that was used for shooting balls individually. However, at present, the modern pachinko machines come with a round throttle. This throttle only control the quickness of the shooting of balls that are shot onto the playfield with the help of electrically fired plunger. The balls are then dropped through a range of pins.

Most of these balls fall through the pachinko layout. But, some of the balls fall into the center gate and start the digital slot machine that comes with a center screen. Each of the balls which go into the start up gate gives way to one spin of slot machine. At a time, a maximum credit of 4 spins is given to each player. In most cases, a ball will go into the center gate, while a spin of the slot machine is still in progress. So, a spin credit system is much required.

On each spin, a minimum of 3 balls are paid out. However, to win more at a time, one has to hit the jackpot. The program of the digital slot machine decides whether the player has hit the jackpot at not at the moment when the machine is activated by a ball. However, most of the players believe that when the numbers or symbols are actually spinning then the machine decides that the winner.

In modern digital pachinko machines when the first 2 numbers or symbols are matched during the spinning of slot machine, the digital program of the machine enters the reach mode. In this mode, many animations and movies are shown to give the player a boost of extra excitement. If the player can match all three numbers or symbols in a row, then he or she can hit the jackpot. After hitting the jackpot, the machine adds into payout mode.

Depending on what type of pachinko machine is being played, the payout mode in most cases lasts for 15 rounds. During each of the rounds, amidst more animations and movies which are playing on the center screen, a large payout gate that is situated at the bottom of the machine layout opens up. The player must try to shoot balls into the gate. Each ball which successfully enters into this gate usually results in around 12 balls that will be being paid out into a separate tray. This tray is situated at the bottom of the machine. This tray can then be placed into a ball bucket for the player. He or she can use these balls according to his or her wish.

After the payout mode is over, the pachinko machine may do one of two things. Almost all of them employ the kakuhen system. it is where half of the possible jackpots on the digital slot machine result in the odds of hitting the next jackpot improving by 10 times. Thus, under the kakuhen system, it is possible for a player to get more consecutive jackpots after the first "hard earned" one. Such a series of jackpots is usually referred to as fever mode.

If the original jackpot or any following jackpot does not have a kakuhen combination, then the machine will switch into jitan mode. In this mode, over the next 100 spins which are under the original payout odds, a blossom will open up near the center gate. This makes it significantly easier for balls to fall into the blossom. As there is a sudden increase in the number of spins over this period, the digital slot machine will compensate it by producing the final outcomes of each spin much more quickly. Usually, spins take place within a matter of seconds.

Once the jitan mode ends at 100 spins and the player can hit no more jackpots, then the digital slot machine reverts back to its original setting and the game starts once again. From the year 2007, most of the pachinko machine manufacturers included a small jackpot that lasts for two rounds in addition to normal jackpots. It is known as Koatari payout system.


In Japan you can find a number of books and magazines that offer you tips and advice on how to earn a living playing pachinko. The variety of help offered by the books and magazines range from simple Pachinko gaming tips to systematic way to get the better of the parlors. However, it is recommended that like all players you too should develop your own personal methods for winning. The tips can guide you through the game but it cannot guarantee you a win or a jackpot.
One of the most dependable strategies is to have an inside source. The source will tell the player which pachinko machines have the highest settings. Some of the pachinko parlors offer this kind of information to encourage player to join their club or to become a member of their club. But in these cases it is very difficult to use this information to your advantage. The reason behind this is that there will be a high level of competition among the members to get the good machines.

In some days, it is found that many people are waiting on queue in front of the parlor that is yet to be opened. Most of the parlors at present hold lotteries to ensure the first hundred people to enter the parlor each morning. Thus it is not always possible to use the information about pachinko machines in your favor.

You can also stick to a single pachinko machine for the entire time in the parlor even if the setting of the machine is not high. It is one of the most popular and well practiced pachinko strategies. Another common strategy of the game is to play only on the machine that has a certain layout that makes it easy to get the balls in the center gate.

The success of the game in Pachinko largely depends on the setting of the machine. However, you can play it and design your own strategy for wining. This game is very exciting and fun filled one. You should keep playing it to increase your chance of winning.
Published: 2008-12-01
Author: kichu

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