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Pandora bracelet - A wonderful gift that have a sentimental value

Pandora bracelet

One of the hottest trends in jewelry today is the Pandora bracelet. This innovative jewelry is designed to help you show off your creativity and your individual personality. Each Pandora bracelet is unique because the customers build their bracelets from a selection of inserts or beads that can be linked together in any combination.

Secure the Pandora bracelet

You begin by choosing a chain that will fit your wrist. You will also need to choose two clasps to secure the Pandora bracelet after it is completed. The beads are next. Each bead is screwed into place, one at a time. There are hundreds of beads to choose from and the possibilities are endless. In between the beads are spacers that fill in the area between the beads.

Styles and designs for the Pandora bracelet's spacers

The spacers are used to add a little texture and variety to the Pandora bracelet. Some choose to forgo the spacers, but I find them helpful in creating a very professional looking piece of jewelry in the end. Just like the beads, the spacers for the Pandora bracelet come in a large number of styles and designs.

Concept of Pandora bracelets

Each Pandora bracelet is organized into three sections. Professionals who designed the concept of the Pandora bracelet suggest that you begin with at least three beads. This will provide you with one bead for each section. You can build the rest of your design right then and there or you can accumulate beads and spacers over time.

Pandora bracelets make wonderful gifts

The appeal of the Pandora bracelet derives from the unique concept of designing your own jewelry. The beauty of the concept lies in the fact that each piece of jewelry you create is individual and from the heart. For this reason they make wonderful gifts that have a sentimental value.

You can design a complete Pandora bracelet

You may choose to start a friend or relative with a starter Pandora bracelet that consists of three beads of your choosing. Your loved one can build on the foundation you have provided for her. You can design a complete Pandora bracelet for a loved one as well. The unique gift will be cherished.

I chose to create an entire Pandora bracelet for my mother. I chose five beads. Each of the five beads has a birthstone representing her five children. I then chose a bead with a bird design because she loves birds. I added other beads that carried similar personal meaning for her.

She cried when she studied the Pandora bracelet and she cherishes each bead. I think that she appreciates the time I put into creating the unique gift as much as she does the gift itself. The bracelet never leaves her wrist.
Published: 2006-08-01
Author: Eric Raymond

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