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Pantyhose is not an acceptable gift

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There is not a single man in the world that dreams about a woman putting on a pair of pantyhose. A Vogue model in matching underwear with a perfect figure can not pull off a sexy way to wear pantyhose. It does not matter if you slip one feet or both into the nylon contraption. Once you have gathered them above your knees, you have to do that horrendous bend your knees, frog movement that is suppose to magically propel the hose over your thighs and cover your derriere. In most cases, it looks like two hams being shoved into a sock. It is not a sight that a person dreams about. However, every man has a lingering memory of a woman putting on a pair of silk stockings. It is a sight that entices the senses and brings pleasure to all. So, how do your wear sexy stockings?

First you must coordinate your under garments. A lacy bra, panties, and silk garter belt must match in color and hue. It is suggested that all women own matching garter belts in black, beige, red, and white. You want the complete picture to look like that of Marilyn Monroe and not Courtney Love.

The actual stockings should accent the clothes you a wearing for the occasion. If you are wearing anything other than black, brown, or navy shoes a skin toned stocking will be perfect.
Try to match the silk stockings to your natural skin color or a tad darker shade for a sun kissed look. Black silk stockings should be worn for all other fashion statements. Barring a wedding dress, which is the ony acceptable day to wear white stockings outside of the bedroom.

Sexy stockings should glide over your legs like a sheet of satin. The perfect pair will be long enough to cover your inner thigh and easily attach to the garter clasps. It should be noted that the garter belt should be aligned with the middle of your leg and caress your
behind in a feminine manner.

Unlike a pair of pantyhose that were invented in 1959, nylon stockings were invented in 1938. Nylon stockings made their debut at the World's Fair in 1939. It became the perfect gift for men to shower upon their favorite sweetheart. Pantyhose became seamless in 1965, which where made popular with the mini skirt crowd. Thus, panty hose do have a use in todays society for those wearing a short skirt, but all others should dawn stockings for the desired look. A man will gift a sexy pair of stockings, but not dare wrap a pair of pantyhose.

Sexy stockings should be the way a woman is remembered in a man's mind. Sexy stockings should be a secret that a woman owns and does not share. Knowing that you have left a valued impression on the minds of those that you have crossed, is a sexy reminder of your grandness.
Glide the stockings over your thighs, attach with a sexy garter, and walk into the dreams of those that you allow into to your world.

Published: 2007-12-04
Author: Murray Musser

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Murray Musser

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